JME questions and epileptoligist recommendation for michigan area

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Hi all,

My daughter has had JME for three years without much success. She's been pretty controlled, a grand mal striking every time she gets close to 6 month mark.

I'm overwhelmed with how she is going to handle college. Her jerks have become more prevalent in the late afternoon interfering with everyday life. She's been on several combinations of meds. Anybody with insight to this type if epilepsy and I'm looking for an epileptologist in michigan.

Thanks for any insight!
Hi Deanna. Welcome to CWE. My 16 year old daughter is also diagnosed with JME. She has not had a tonic clonic to date, but morning jerks are our reality. I read up on diet therapies and came across the Modified Atkins Diet. A study report came out about 1.5 years ago on the diet for JME. Paige has seen success. It may not be for everyone, but we are committed to healthy eating and MAD protocol for her.

I am also so fearful for college. I want and know she needs the experience but my mommy heart is very nervous!

Welcome once again!! Glad you found CWE!
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