Keto for weight loss/muscle gain + epilepsy

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Hi everyone!

I have Complex Partial Seizures which are controlled by 1000mg Keppra*2 + 100mg Lamictal*2 (haven't had one for more than a year). Due to my reactions to the weather changes (energy level drops), I am thinking of going keto since it promises stable energy levels. It is also very good for muscle gain and weight loss. Moreover, I found out that it is a treatment for epilepsy (not sure how applicable that is for me, being 24 years old).

However, in order to have more muscles, I need about 150g of protein. If we go by Keto Ratio for epileptics, that'd mean that I have to get 450g fat per day, which is impossible.

My questions is: do I get any epilepsy-related benefits from keto if I don't keep to epilepsy keto ratio, but just try to get my net carbs under 20g per day?

I was talking to my doctor and she is not familiar with keto diet. I don't have anyone else to ask.
Hey hopper, it's usually better to start a diet like the keto under doctor's supervision. At the very least you might want to try and meet with a registered dietician or nutritionist -- they could give you more customized information based on your particular needs.

You could also try contacting a site such as for advice.

best of luck to you!
Hi Hopper,
Nakamova gave you the correct info, you need to see a dietician to get on the diet. I will tell you that my cousin was on the keto diet back during WWII and he flew airplanes and didn't have a single seizure while on the diet.
In regards to weather triggering your seizures I have the same problem. What's going on is the air is getting heavier when the weather changes and that in turn effects the hormones which triggers seizures. Another thing you may want to try is taking 2 Tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with mother in it. It helps a person loose weight and on top of that it has reduced my seizures 50% and just like you I have complex partial and absence seizures. Here's wishing you only the best and May God Bless You!

id do a 50% fat, 45% protein and 5% carb diet.

Its more of a modified keto, or modified atkins, but you need somewhat balanced pro/fat for muscle building (see my name here..)

If you were able to do that you would have somewhat of ketosis but still burning a good bit of protein

Which eventually will be broken down to a some form of a simple sugar. But with only 5% of your cals coming from carbs i think you will be very well protected seizure wise.

your body will not have the glucose on hand for a seizure. You will be in similar state of ketosis and other diets aside just the keto diet have worked well for epilepsy.

The low GI carb diet even shows good results/improvements.

id consider yours a keto/modified atkins combo
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