Ketogenic Diet (Vegan) and Holloween (Some graphic content about my childhood)

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Ketogenic/ atkins(Vegan) and Holloween (Some graphic content about my childhood)

Has anyone tried the ketogenic diet with success stories? I read a story somewhere that it works best in children, and the atkins diet works best for older adults such as me being 19, but I'm becoming an Vegan so I'm believing I could simply switch some food items around?
I do know what I'm doing and I have a nuerologist and a dietition and I can talk to them both aswell as a family doctor.
I know how to slowly transition into a vegan lifestyle.
And also I do belive that it is the healist choice.
I have a nutrition class at college.
And my proffessor constantly states that vegans are the healtiest people, for many reasons.
I want my body to be healthy, Ive gained about 40lbs in the last year.
I'm not happy. I know that I can still be a eat meat products and excersise and loose weight, but I want to be a vegan. Its something that Ive always wanted to be since I was like 15.
And Its not because of the whole killing animals is bad, I live on a farm, Ive seen my father kill three huge pigs, I even was made to butcher them myself. Made to. They where hung from an oak tree after they where killed and I had to scrub them ext, ext,. I was too young for the cow.
And My mother protected her chickens.
So let me make it clear- I hate killing. But if I'm made to do it, like I was, then I will. It was a numbing expiernce.

So anyways, back to my diet I read that there was these parents that put their child on a ketogenic diet, and so he could eat sweets. And when holloween rolled around, They put abunch of toys in each of their nieghboors mailboxs aswell as a note that read that thier son would come to thier door on holloween and tell them his name idk I forgot his name, and he had siezures and he's on this diet, and it would be cool if they gave him these toys instead of candy so he wouldnt have siezures. Sooo if any of you guys have kids!!!! that would be a cool idea to do!!!

Anyways, I'm going to try the vegan lifestyle once more, so far day one on my fitness pal app is going quite well. I need to go out and hope fully but some more foods when my dad goes shopping because he usually buys unhealthy items.
reasons why i want to be a vegan
1. When I went vegan for a year I was had very mental health.
2.Theres no perfect diet for you, everyone is going to fall off one day like you want that chocolate or you want that pizza or that cheat item. Noones perfect. No one diet is perfect, Noone is perfect.
3. I want to do this, its not because I've seen this in person- its because I personally want to do this I felt more healthy personlly while doing it.
I know your going to be like oh you where probably taking vitimins, oh you probably excersising twice a day. Yes. I was. And I dont do that now. But I will again. I'm young and noones perfect but we all strive for it dont we? Why wouldnt you want to be the healthiest you want to be? I looked in the mirror the other day, and saw something I did not like at all. So this is why I'm doing this, for me. Not for hate comments, or for my family telling me I'll gain even more weight or it wont work or I'm just fooling myself.
So I can be the best I can be,
Ive token before pictures... and I've set a goal weight. I'm happy being a vegan.
And I guess I'll post every month in this thread my results on the atkins/ Vegan diet how its helping my current seizure activity. Which is sometimes none at all, but I had a crazy burst one day where I had to go to the hospital twice for having like 7 every hour........
I have absent seizures a lot.
And I'm thinking about doing a detox juice one week.....
Soooo if you have any questions message me on here because of comment and I will reply....
The first of every month I think I'm going to put up the scales......
At the moment I'm 185....My goal for next month is going to be 175-165.....
So I'll give you my weights on the first of December...and how I feel, felt, serizure activity, answers to your questions such as meals I made along the way and exercise. Excerise is the most important part for a vegan lifestyle.
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Athena, If you figure out how to be vegan and be on the ketogenic diet at the same time let me know! I can see going vegetarian and eating cream and eggs, but totally vegan sounds near impossible (unless you are drinking vegetable oil!).

I would really like to eat more vegetables and non-meat / non-dairy foods. Before I started on the diet I rarely ate meat. I ate a healthy high carb - low fat diet. I had to completely reverse my diet, and give up all of my favorite foods. Now, I eat meat everyday mostly for the sake of bulk, and because it's cooked. Most of the stuff I eat comes right out of the refrigerator. Most of my calories are from cream (I make chocolate whipped cream using stevia drops and powdered baking cocoa). I also make cheesecake. I eat a low carb salad everyday. I eat nuts, but have to be really careful because the carbs add up fast (walnuts, pecans, and macadamias are high fat-low carb.)

This summer I lost about 10 or 15 pounds on the diet, while eating as much as I could. I weighed less than when I was in high school. Now that I'm not as active, and my body is used to the diet I seem to have gained some of it back. I think all of the meat and animal products have had some ill effects on my body, but my seizures are better.
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