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From time to time, we have parents here that are not sure about talking to their children about seizures. Stacy and I were very open about her epilepsy and my kids learned to deal with seizure events - often helping me to care for Stacy when I needed an extra hand. So this news article brought a smile to my face this morning.

A hero six-year-old saved his mum's life when she had a seizure - by following instructions she taught him using a song about ambulances.

Teddy Wyatt called 999 after hearing shouting and strange noises coming from Emily Wyatt's bedroom. His ‌27-year-old mum has epilepsy and was suffering from a severe episode. ‌Brave Teddy stayed on the phone while paramedics talked him through what to do - and even made sure his two-year-old brother's stair gate was shut so he was safe.

‌Emily says her son knew to call the emergency services after she taught him the lyrics to the Ambulance Song when he was aged three. The educational tune describes how an ambulance can help in a challenging situation. ‌Emily, from Birmingham, said: "Teddy was so, so amazing. I’m so proud of my little boy - he dialled 999 straight away.

‌“I’ve been playing him the Ambulance Song since he was three and drilling into him what to do if I start to have a seizure. I suffer from about four seizures a year but it’s never happened when it’s just been me and the kids. And I usually can sense when it’s coming. ‌The paramedics said he was amazing the whole time, staying on the phone and unlocking the door.


When my daughter was in kindergarten, I had a bad seizure in front of her while getting her ready for school. She knew what to do.....she called 911. I taught my kids what to do when they were old enough to understand.
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