lamictal withdrawls? seizures?


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I was put on lamictal for one month, today is the second month I would be taking it. I was prescribed 25mg for 2 weeks then 50 mg for 2 weeks.

I wasn't able to pick up my presction and I was out for 3 days. One the last day (yesterday) I hadn't taken it for 3 days.

I was taking a walk with my brother through my neighborhood. then, out of no where all of a sudden I felt extremely strange. it first started with extreme vertigo and I was very dizzy. everything around me was spinning. I felt like I was dissociated, not attached to my body and nothing was real. I've taken dissociate drugs before and I had the exact same feeling as this was happening. I felt like everything around me was not real, I was not real and it felt like a dream or a movie. then I started getting fuzzy vision and everything looked like claymation basically. then I knew something was dry wrong. I grabbed my brother and fell again and told him something was very very wrong and I knew something bad was happening. I got a rining in my ear and pins and needles that lasted for the entire time

we finally got home from the walk and I layed on the couch immediately and my heart felt like it was beating extremely fast but it wasn't. I was shaking and my legs were twitching uncontrollably. I keep thinking something terrible was going to happen any second and I wished for it to get it over with. I can't describe the feeling but it was nothing I've ever felt, I felt completely out or reality. my stomach started hurting terribly and I became extremely nauseous. I felt a rising feeling I my stomach. then out of no where I had to pee extremely bad. I was afraid to get up and couldn't walk anyway. then I had the worse headache I've ever felt, tension and pressure on the front of my head and my jaw. I couldn't stop clenching my teeth.

i called my dad while I was laying Down and I couldn't make any sense to him because I couldn't form sentences and I couldn't think of the words to say.

after I felt not dissociated nd back in reality, about 50 minutes later, I still had a terrible headache and felt weird mentally, anxious and scared as well as drained and exhausted. I couldn't sleep at all that night.

im guessing it was a seizure from not taking my lamictal, it seems like the symptoms of a simple partial seizure more than a panic attack, as I had no trigger for it and have never experience a panic attack even close to what I felt. I do not have a history of seizures and my family doesn't, I take lamictal for bipolar.

i can't figure out what it might be and I'm still very anxious about having another one of these "seizures"
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