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I know many people on here are on here are on Briviact. I started it on Sunday so I can hopefully stop taking Keppra. I want to learn as much as I can about it while I'm taking it so I thought I'd start a thread.

To get off of Keppra is the number one reason I started taking it. The anger and emotional issues were getting to be too much for me. I'd get so mad over something, even if it's stupid, I'd start crying and couldn't stop for hours. I even might be upset about it the next day if it's brought up again. Was there a reason you started taking it if you weren't already taking it?

I know all of are different when it comes to meds but how good did it help with seizures. How good did it work on the issues, if you took it for any, did it do?

My insurance doesn't cover it and it costs a fortune. It doesn't work with GoodRX or the things like that. I know there are threads about the high prices of meds but was there anything that you did, or could suggest, doing for Briviact.

My wife is taking it, and our insurance did not have it in their "schedule". We had her neuro (or neuro's nurse more precisely) fill out a form for our insurance so they would cover it even though it wasn't in their schedule. I think the form was called a "prior authorization" or exception or something. The form basically tells the insurance company that you need this particular drug because you have already tried all the alternatives and they don't work for you. In our case, the insurance company sends that form to another company that evaluates the claim and your medical history before deciding, yes this is legit or no, you could be taking XXX drug instead. We have to file this form every year.
The insurance I have for medications isn't that great and I'm not really sure how things work with it, my dad handles most of it.. The nurse told us that no authorization is required. We looked up the cost of Briviact and it would be way over $2000 a month. I'm guessing dr did whatever needed to be done with prior authorization because the price was about $300 for 3 weeks when I picked it up. The last week I'm guessing will be a higher dose and it will be the one that I'll probably going to be taking all the time.

He's found a better insurance plans but it won't start until January.
Hi Valerie,
I've been taking Briviact for several years now and YES, it is way too expensive. I couldn't afford it, so I contacted the UCB pharmacy and they set me up for UCBcares financial assistance. I pay nothing now, but I do have to renew my plan every year. My neurologist sends them a form conforming my eligibility. But last week they failed to send UCB my pre-authorization, so the pharmacy charged me $350. But the actual pharmacist found another discount for me and only charged me $10.00. WOW! I wish ALL pharmacists were kind-hearted like this guy.

Here is the the # for UCB:

"We understand some patients are facing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and may experience difficulty affording UCB medicines due to job loss, job furlough, or loss of insurance coverage. Staying true to our core beliefs, UCB is committed to ensuring patients, whose physicians have prescribed our medications, have uninterrupted access to their needed treatments. Contact ucbCARES at (844) 599-CARE (2273) or by email at UCBCares@ucb.com to see if you qualify for medicines at no cost.*

* As we are experiencing higher than normal volume of requests, our response time may be delayed. We appreciate your patience as we work to get back to you as soon as possible."
Thanks, I'm defiantly going to look into that. I can't go back on Keppra, it was making me crazy. It didn't take much to get me mad, I'd want to yell and punch things. I was getting upset very easy too. If you looked at me the wrong way I'd start crying. There's no way I can go back on Keppra!
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