Level 3/4 Epilepsy Centers Map - United States Only

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Isn't it funny/sad that in 1990 I was diagnosed and told about epilepsy in North Dakota. It's one of the few states with no color in that map.
That's where I had the MRI that clearly showed the tumor but they missed it !
That's where I saw the first neuro in my life and I knew he was a idiot so I stole my medical records and went to another neuro in another city and he told me I was having panic attacks - not seizures - to just flush all those nasty meds and grow up.

Thank God that the Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO that I now see, that did my surgeries, is a #4.
And the lovely state of NEVADA has zippity do da! Our medical sucks.
It's funny that I found this post, because I just moved to Winchester, VA and while I was waiting to get my EEG done, I noticed they were a level 4 Epilepsy Center. I had no idea what that meant, until now!
For Nebraska, Univeristy of Nebraska Medical Center comes up as #1. But in my book, they suck! I personally wouldnt recommend going there. I wish Nebraska had more to choose from!
This list seems bunk to me. It lists Univ of Michigan's center as a level 4. I went there, they sucked at their job. It also lists Cleveland Clinic where I go now and they are spectacular.

I have a hard time accepting there are so many "level 4" centers around the country. If that is the case, a place like Mayo and Cleveland Clinic, which are #1 and #2 for epilepsy, should be a level 6 center.
The Level 3 and 4 designations are about the range of services offered rather than any particular quality assessment. So these places are bigger, but not necessarily better.

Level 3 Epilepsy Center. A third-level center should provide the basic range of medical, neuropsychological, and psychosocial services needed to treat patients with refractory epilepsy. Third-level medical centers provide basic neurodiagnostic evaluation, as well as basic medical, neuropsychological, and psychosocial services. These centers do not perform resective epilepsy surgery, although some may implant vagus nerve stimulators. Third level medical-surgical centers provide basic diagnostic and treatment services. In addition, these centers offer noninvasive evaluation for epilepsy surgery, straight-forward resective epilepsy surgery, and implantation of the vagus nerve stimulator. These centers do not perform intracranial evaluations or other more complex resective epilepsy surgery.

Level 4 Epilepsy Center. A fourth level center should provide the more complex forms of intensive neurodiagnostics monitoring, as well as more extensive medical, neuropsychological, and psychosocial treatment. Fourth-level centers also offer a complete evaluation for epilepsy, surgery, including intracranial electrodes, and provide a broad range of surgical procedures for epilepsy.
The Level 3 and 4 designations are about the range of services offered rather than any particular quality assessment. So these places are bigger, but not necessarily better.

That would explain why UNMC is like the way they are. They are a bigger hospital, but their services are not good at all. :(
We've had an incredibly wonderful experience with Strong Hospital/U of Rochester in New York -- a level 4 epilepsy center. It's a relatively small hospital, but absolutely top-notch docs -- they REALLY know their stuff. And they listen, and are compassionate!! And they give plenty of time to appointments. Jon's first appointment with the neuro team was 3 hours!! They went through EVERYTHING with a fine-tooth comb, and the neurologist emails us frequently to check up on Jon or recommend changes. When I call or email, I get called back within the hour -- we've had a lot of good docs thru the years, but these guys re the cream of the crop. One thing I like is that patients (or their parents) can access all their test reult online. They also work with patients who have no insurance or insufficient insurance -- when we changing over insurance, they gave Jon his epilepsy meds ($480 worth) free of charge!

His pediatrician also gave us a 3-hour consult, and we had a 1 1/2 hour consult with his Oncologist. And every time we get a call about treatment, it's from the doc herself/himself -- not the nurse.

Of course, the bills are high, but I don't think any higher than most other hospitals -- and they don't charge for a lot of stuff -- like email consultations with the Nutritionist.
Here is the Map for all Level 3 / 4 Epilepsy Centers
available in United States. Click on the State
or the one nearest to you.

Level 3 /4 Epilepsy Centers Map

I can't get your link to open but I am only 20-25 minutes from the level 4 center in Cincinnati, OH. They center shares the waiting room with the neurosurgeon that operated on my back 2 1/2 years ago. The neuroscience center is kind of like a little hospital of it's own inside of a large hospital.

I spent 13 days there after my back surgery and received top notch care. I would certainly go to their center if my neuro couldn't keep my seizures under control or if I needed any kind of neurological surgery. Much more expensive than any other hospital in the area but you get what you pay for.
I cant get your link to open either. :(

Try this. See if it works. It is an updated site:


BTW, I go to a Level 4 E Center because no one else can handle the type of epilepsy I have. The one I go to here in Denver isn't quite as effective as the one I that I used to go to in TN (used to be called the Epi-Care Center and no longer exists).
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Just for fun, I went to your site, Cint, and first did the "Find a Doctor" thingie, and that didn't pull up any neurologists in our area, but then I did "Find a Center", and it pulled up the Strong Epilepsy Center (University of Rochester, NY) -- and Drs Fessler and Berg.

Strong is a level 4 center, and we use the Pediatric end (Dr. Hughes/Wang, who work under Dr. Berg), and we have been quite impressed with the level of care, the knowledge of the docs, their eagerness to employ cutting-edge treatment, and how all the docs show tremendous compassion and never rush through a consultation (we actually see a number of other specialists as well). We've been blessed to have a lot of good doctors over the years, but feel especially fortunate to have found this wonderful center.
Thankyou Cint. I just looked up the centers "near" where I live and was quite supprised at the 3 that were within 100 miles of me (and were level 4). There are some more in Chicago but even though they are not to much further it is a pain to get around there and I know Peoria really well as I grew up close to it.

There are good neurologist where I am at but no epileptoligist. My neuro told me when I first met him if he could not get my seizures controlled he would send me to one. Heres hoping they get controlled though!
My dr. is retiring now. Dr. Wilensky. I have been going to see him for over 17 years now. He is so good. He's at Harborview. What am I going to do? Move to New York? I do have family there.
I am not sure what the designation is, but UCSD in San Diego has one of the best staffed neurology departments in the country. I have been able to get every test I need and the doctors are some of the best. They also are one of the few places that have an MEG.
How do you know if it's a 3 or a 4? My neuro is on the list at the hospital I go to, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. I think it's a 4 because it says that they do everything that a 4 does but it doesn't specifically say that it is a 4.
I did that and where I go is on the website so I know it is a 3 or 4 but it doesn't say exactly if it is a 3 or a 4.
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