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I am a lurker coming out of the shadows looking for some advise from you all :woot: A little about me- I was diagnosed when I was 11 (not positive the type of seizure) and I didnt have a full seizure again until 17. From 11-17 my Drs. tried a variety of different medicines to control the seizures as I was still having partial seizures, staring episodes etc. None worked until Depakote. I have not had any seizure activty in over ten years.
Ok, now to my question. My Husband and I would like to have children. In talking to my Dr. she suggests taking me off Depakote ER and onto Kepra (safer for a baby). I'm looking for anyone who has done this or has any insight. I know my Dr. is a professional but it is my family that has a lot more to lose. Would you give up being seizure free for 10 years to try the new drug? I know I could lose my liscense if I have a seizure while moving meds and that scares me too.

Thanks for listening! :banana:
Hello NextChapter, and welcome (officially) to CWE!

There may be folks who have undergone a similar transition from Depakote to Keppra, but since everyone's seizure history and med reactions are different, it wouldn't tell you much about what will happen for you.

So...no easy answers. But if you definitely want to have children (not by adoption), then the Depakote has to go. If that's the case, then the plan should be to make sure the med transition is as seamless and as safe as possible. Yes it can be tricky, but there are ways to reduce risk. One is by very slowly ramping up the new med and very slowly tapering off the old. If you go slowly you can closely monitor how you are feeling at each stage in terms of seizure control and side effects. You could also ask your neuro about having an EEG done at the beginning, middle and end of the taper to see if abnormal brainwaves start to show up as the meds and dosages change.

Best of luck to you and your family -- I hope you feel confident and prepared going forward with whatever decision you make.
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