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My pharmacy usually always finds out, on their own before I pick up my meds, what the GoodRX price to make sure I get me the best price for the med.

Today when I picked up my med it was around $80. I asked them if that was using GoodRX. It wasn't and she looked the med was around $30.

Depending on the pharmacist, they might even look on several different things to find out the cheapest ones price. I've saved over $100 before with GoodRX so make sure you ask.
I have used GoodRX as well and have saved a bunch. But, last time I went to my pharmacy, my Keppra generic refill was much cheaper ($50) using my insurance. Also, the GoodRX price isn't the same each refill. The latest member card has a different price (sometimes higher) than the previous one. And why do we get new cards every couple months? I haven't figured out their system. Still, I like the website where you can compare the prices of the same drug and quantity across several pharmacies versus the GoodRX price. And it pays to compare. I saved $75 on my asthma refill last time.
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