Missed dosage / Forgot - Left at home or Forgot refill?

Missed dosage / Forgot - Left at home or Forgot refill?

  • Yes

    Votes: 39 81.3%
  • No

    Votes: 4 8.3%
  • Had not .... yet!

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How many of you have left your home, only to turn around wondering did I take my MEDS? When you return home, the answer is yes 99% of the time.:roflmao:

That would be why I always carry a pill container with me......I learned that lesson YEARS ago......LOLOL quite unfortunately for my poor tongue......:roflmao::roflmao::bigmouth::bigsmile:
Boy, I have done that more than once!
I did use a pill case for awhile, but my son told me if I got stopped and cop found prescription meds not in the orginial bottle, I could get arrested!
Ok, i

should clarify. I have a small pill container ON me, and the original bottles in a "purse" that I carry with me.......either in a locker at work, or in my van, depending on where I'm at.....

Mm-hmm, count me in. It drives my taxi driver (a.k.a: mom) crazy, too...
A few times. I use a pill organizer and carry a two day supply with me (in its original container, I didn't think that was an issue I did it mainly for emergencies so people would know what I was on.)
I have opened the wrong day before and then at the end of the day opened it and found a whole days supplied and wonder if I had forgotten the am does only to find the next days short. So the organizer doesn't help when you forget what day it is.
I have done that too. It happened today while I was out with a friend. I said "did I take meds today?" I had a smaller CP today while out and my friend noticed it. I always carry a metal pill keychain with a full day of both meds in one and then I have a small tiny one for my heart meds that are real small. Sometimes the pharmacist can give you another bottle with the same label or at least one that says what med is in it such as traveling or away from home for a few days.
I did not know about having to carry around an original bottle with you. My medical alert has a phone number on it that would allow someone to see my record with all my information on it.
Anyways, take care everyone- be safe.
Crystal and her guide dog Umbro

My pill organizer is one that I load up, generally once a day. Sometimes I do it twice a day, but usually just once. It's a little thing that you can get at Wally World in different colors, and isn't more than 2x3 at the very most.
I used to have one that looked like a pocket watch. I loved the look of it but I eventually traded it in for one that screws shut, holds more pills & is waterproof
so far folks your answers have been:e::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::e::wave:
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count me in...:ponder: (lots of times) haven't found a solution yet. I make up a two week supply in a big pill box. But that doesn't help when I'm out and can't remember...
I often leave the house in the mornings asking the same question. But lucky for me my Uncle keeps an eye on whether I take my meds and he calls me at work if he thinks I didn't take them, I keep spares at work so I can take them there.
I have moved this to the Back Fence!


You have a Poll to go along with it!

And I confess, I actually missed my REFILL!
This thread just reminded me to re-fill my pill box, thanks
I have had to call or text my mom to bring my medicine to school, MULTIPLE times. And as you said, Half the time she looks in my pill box and sees that I did take my meds :p
I decided that after two years of trying different meds, with different schedules, that this was not a lifetime choice that would work for my daughter.

It is one reason, along with quality of life, that I made the effort to work on nutritional changes, neurofeedack, and supplements. Memory, clarity of thought, cognitive functioning, no worries about missed meds, etc, were all clues that we made the right choice.

If we miss vitamins we can always adjust without problems.
I'm pretty good, but over the last 28 years, I have missed many, many times. Counters are helpful, but it is still easy to forget, especially when away from normal routines.

My only problem since my recent change to Lamictal was after a missed dose.
No Way!!

I've never missed my meds....if there's one thing I learned early...If it ain't broke...don't fix it.
I agree with Robin, though, meds are the worst and I'm looking into far more nutrition/supplementation and I worry FAR more about that!---LMT
I forget maybe once a month when we leave to go to a friend/family house in the late afternoon and just forget to take them at 7 pm.
Only about 1 time a year do I forget to take them at night and have fallen asleep and woke up in the middle of the night and remembered.

I have also not brought my meds with me when we have gone on a day trip.
We had gone up to a winter carnival to see the snow sculptures in McCall Idaho, (central Idaho in the mountains,) which is about 3 hrs away. That night on our way home they closed the roads for ice and we had to find a place to stay and go to a pharmacy and get some meds. Thank goodness I did get the meds too cuz it was about 10:30 pm and the pharmacist got out of bed to go to the pharmacy and open it up for me!
I've forgotten I posed this mundane question. I forget that Mr. E is in my sphere until then,
Thank GOD
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