1. HumbleDeer

    ADHD Meds

    My psychiatrist is considering having me on wellbutrin first. I suggested dexamphetamine. After I let him know wellbutrin was known for seizure risk and I didn't conclusively know if I had epilepsy, he was going to contact my neurologist (I told him that I saw the neuro at his hospital.) My...
  2. A

    Trying to decide whether to start meds or not

    Hi, I'm struggling to decide what to do and hoped someone might be able to help me here. I started having 'nightmares' when I was a teenager (I think), where I would wake up and still be 'dreaming'. I'd see the room around me, but also whatever 'people' or spiders, or whatever in the room...
  3. J

    warm sensation in lower left leg

    Started about a week ago, at first I thought I had some hot/warm water on my leg. It only lasts about a second, but a number of times throughout the day. No pain. Not hot to the touch. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Wondering if it is a neurological issue, or perhaps a reaction...
  4. JLogefeil

    Drinking And Then In The ER, Do They Give You?

    If you were drinking and you needed up in the ER, would they still give you AED like Ativan or dilatin though your IV? If not what do they do for you?
  5. JLogefeil

    Drinking With Seizures & On Keppra?

    I have been wanting to drink for a while now but the last time I got drunk I had a seizure and ended up in the ER, that was over a year ago. But lately I want to drink and I don't know how it will effect me now since I m takin 1,500mg of Keppra. Does anyone know how this will effect you? Or...
  6. JLogefeil

    Dr. Didn't know what it was?

    I went to my doctor not my neruro one, but my Gp and she asked how my seizures have been and I told her only 2 so far this month. Then she asked about if I had any side effects and I said no. For some weird reason we got on moods and for some reason I brought up Keppra rage. She didn't know what...
  7. JLogefeil

    Can this be a cause!

    So as most of you know I was in the hospital again for seizures. I noticed every time I get out I have sore on my lips and/or in my mouth. My husband made a point to me he said " he said maybe your alergic to Adivan or Dilantin" To me that was like a light bulb went off in my head. Can anyone be...
  8. JLogefeil


    I'm just not happy I'm just stressed and alone. What do I do? I don't want to do anything stupid. I think it's my Keppra and Chantex that's makeing me feel like this.
  9. T

    Paranoia and Epilepsy

    Since starting treatment for epilepsy I have noticed spells of paranoia. Sometimes it becomes pretty bad and lasts for long periods, others times it is almost absent. I have temporal lobe epilepsy. Does anyone know much about a connection, if any? I take Depakote to control the seizures, as...
  10. H

    Missed dosage / Forgot - Left at home or Forgot refill?

    How many of you have left your home, only to turn around wondering did I take my MEDS? When you return home, the answer is yes 99% of the time.:roflmao:
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