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I am feeling a little bit discouraged at the moment. I have started the MAD. I am a carbohydrate lover. I am finding the food very boring and I am getting sick of the food very quickly. I have an intolerance to both artificial and natural sweeteners. I have lost a lot of weight in the last week. I was hoping that this diet would control my simple partial seizures. They are driving me insane. I have temporal lobe epilepsy and I am over the deja vu and dissociation. Mine are hormone related and my biggest problem is having seizures at high estrogen level due to a drop in medication level, but when the hormone drops my medication level increases dramatically. I can't function during these days and I am struggling with the high medication level.
I am hoping that there are people who have had success on this diet. Please comment if you have. I need encouragement. I don't want to continue this diet if it is not worth it. I know everyone's seizures are different but it would be good to hear success stories.

Dani :)
Some of the CWE threads on the topic:

In addition, you can find support and success stories here:

Are you doing the diet on your own, or with the help of a nutritionist or dietitian? You might be able to get some advice on tweaking the diet. And if your seizures are primarily hormone-related, an anti-estrogenic diet might be worth considering instead. Some very basic info about it here:

Good Luck! Changing one's diet can be tough. Sometimes it can take a few months before the desired results kick in.
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