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My brother has been having seizures since we were a year old. He has been on different combinations of medications over our 21 years of life and the variety of Keppra and Lemectol has been working great. Still, recently he has been having more seizures than normal. Now his neurologist is talking about a possible brain surgery if he has another seizure in the next 4 months. does anyone have any experience with this?
Hi mauriedigi,

Welcome to the forum! I've had seizures for 51 yrs. I started having them when I was 10 yrs,. old and just like your brother
I tried so many different combinations of seizure meds but nothing stopped my seizures. I then had a DNA test done and
that showed I was drug resistant to all seizure meds out on the market so my Epileptologist told me to start using medical
marijuana but before I did that I had surgery done where the Dr. removed 75% of my right temporal lobe where the seizures
were coming from and all of my right hippocampus and by having this done my seizures reduced at least 60% if not more.
When I had my surgery done I had a right temporal lobectomy but today they have the gamma knife surgery which is much
safer and if everything goes well the person can go home the same day as the surgery.

The Dr. would have to do a few tests on your brother to be sure it was safe to do the surgery and if it's okay they would
probably do gamma knife surgery but there's no knife involved it's just high frequency radio waves that wipe out the damage
and then it over. The only time a person may have to stay overnight is if they got to much radiation from the surgery or
if there were other problems and the Dr. wanted to observe the person having the surgery. It was after the surgery when I
started using the medical marijuana and I buy it in a mouth spray and spray it in my mouth twice a day.
I wish you and your brother only the best of luck and May God Bless the Both of You!

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