Need Sugar!!!!


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Okay, so the MAD doesn't allow sugar and Splenda and the like are just plain bad for you. Any suggestions, cause almost all recipes I have found ask for this....
I've heard that Honey and applesauce can be used as an alternative. It depends on what your making.
hope this helps.
Mmmm honey...ewww applesauce...just eat some damn apples lol

but yeah Splenda is freakin disgusting...nasty artificial crap...use Stevia instead

I have a bunch of apples in the fridge but I'm not really eating them right now...I mean I'll have one every now and then but I'm mostly eating tangerines and blueberries right now...speaking of blueberries I'm about to have some with some plain yogurt :p
Tough it out for a while without sugar (real or fake) and your tastebuds will actually adjust. I can now eat 100% cocoa baking chocolate that used to taste nasty bitter and a cherry tomato tastes like candy to me. Seriously.
I did some research on tat. I heard honey isn't that good for a sugar supplement.

However, you could use Agave nectar---I live on that one. I have used this one: Xylitol is like godliness.
I don't know what you mean never head of those things.Honey got its own distinctive tast using that inloo of sugar going give what ever you cooking over riding tast.Is it possible try give up sweet things if it bad for you it true after about a week you get used to non sweet stuff
Hi Seagull
Yep, you can ditch sugar. Took me more than a week though and it is the hidden stuff you have to watch out for. I ended up going back to cooking from scratch, which I didn't mind as I like cooking.

But I think it is in one of the following films that laboratory mice can be weaned off cocaine with sugar water, that kind of struck home.

If you can find two movies it might be a good idea to watch them - 'Fed Up' and 'That Sugar Film'
That Sugar Film is a bit more light-hearted, in the vein of 'Supersize Me'; the film also has a website and two books.
There is a free recipe booklet you can download, it hasn't got that many recipes but it is a start.
Sorry I can't put the links in but I haven't been here long enough. If you google 'That Sugar Film' the website should appear.
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