Neurology appointment


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Hi CQ,

I'm glad you were able to keep your neuro appt. and do it by teleconference. I'm glad to hear that your seizures and headaches
have reduced and no change in your meds. I think it's great that things are going well for you and I wish you the best.
You take care and May God Bless You,

Thanks Sue
Epilepsy wise everything is great but mentally wise not so good.
Nothing to do with the virus, things have just got on top of me which is combo of different things and my stress levels / moods have reached sky high again.

Im in the process of seeing a psychologist to help me get things under control.

I think my neuro picked up that something was wrong yesterday and my moods we're all over the place where normally I'm a little less stressed.

He basically said it's great the epilepsy is under control but things still arent fantastic.
He agreed with the idea of me seeing someone again to help get things under control