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I'm getting a neuropsychological test done, I think it's because my memory is so bad. I think (of course I don't remember) that I've had one but it's been a long time ago. I'm not sure if it deals with seizures or epilepsy in any way.
Hi Val,
When I had my neuropsych. testing done it was before I had surgery and again after I had surgery. My Dr. was trying to
see what side of my brain I was using for my short term memory along with my speech. I wish you the best of luck and
May God Bless You!

Neuropsych tests measure cognitive performance - language skills, (simple) problem solving, (simple) math, etc. It's good to have them done annually or so to track cognitive performance over time.
I'm going to to have a neuropsychology test for the problems I'm having with my memory. I don't know exactly what the test is called but that's what it is listed on the referral.

I made the appointment today and couldn't make an appointment until December. They said there are three separate parts to the test. I'll have to go to the office three different times to take them. I think they said two of the tests are short and one is long.

As anyone taken this type of test before?
Hi Val,

I've taken this test twice once before surgery then again after my surgery. It's simple so don't worry. I would tell you
what's in the tests but that may mess things up if you already knew. Just try and relax during the test and try not to
worry. My Dr. gave me the results of the test a couple of days later and all was fine.

Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

I'm not to worried about taking it I just wish I could get to take it sooner than December. Even if you told me things about it I'd probably forget them by then.

I think I might have taken it before when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. My mom told me that I'd taken some sort of test and they showed me pictures and I had to tell them how I felt when I looked at them. There was one picture that when I saw it I started laughing. She said that they had to stop the test because I wouldn't quit laughing.

Thanks Porkette
I merged two threads on the same subject.

Yes, my wife has taken them a few times.
Hi Val,

You have that correct I had to look at some pictures and tell them what I saw along with listen to a short story and
tell them the story word for word. That was the hard one.
Good Luck Pal and May God Bless You,

What does the test determine if it's ok to ask.
Hi Val,

I would tell you what the test would determine but that may ruin the test for you and I don't want to
take any chances. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

What does the test determine if it's ok to ask.

Neuropsych tests measure cognitive performance - language skills, (simple) problem solving, (simple) math, etc. It's good to have them done annually or so to track cognitive performance over time.

Don't stress out. The test is not a pass or fail type of thing. It's just trying to measure your current cognitive performance. Just do the best you can and be normal. :)
I took a cognitive test prior to my recent surgery. I have more tests scheduled. Not worth stressing over, just do your best.
Although it isn’t pass-fail. They did point out sections of the test i was below average. I found the results a little eye opening.
I wish I can take this test sooner. I know right now that my memory isn't great and I think it's gotten worse. There are things happening that I know I should be remembering but I'm not.

I'm having 2 tests done. One is the neuropsych test, which is happening in Dec. The other is for something else dealing with epilepsy and it's happening in about a month and a half. She asked me if I'd filled out the paper work for 'That test' not saying what test it was. I thought it was for the neuropsych test. It was simple questions that you fill out on almost every on any type of paperwork. Like what's your address, insurance, meds, allergies etc.... It's done on the hospital's web-site and I did it.

I few days later, a Friday, she brings the folder out and told me I didn't fill out the paperwork. I didn't even remember I had to fill out paperwork for that test! There were things related to that test on top of the folder so I didn't see the paperwork. I have to get some info from my neuro for that test too. I sent my neuro a message telling him what I need and where to send the info. The office for the dr that is doing this test called today telling us that she didn't get the info. We let her know that it usually takes a little while for the nero's office to do things and they should be getting it soon.

If something I need to do isn't where I can see it then I'm not going to remember to do it. You can't hide them, like put papers on them, or just tell me 'that test' I'm not going to remember it or know what you're talking about!
If the doc doesn't write it down, I likely won't remember it either a day or so after a visit. Always ask them to give you written instructions for anything they want you to do.
I'm new to the forum

Sorry to hear about your experience.
What she did, just sounds unkind. I always need written instructions & if the person giving instructions doesn't write them down, I do. I think people think I'm a bit weird but at least I know I'll remember.

I did the neuropsych tests last month & the results were given to me by the PhD in Neuropsych "Dr", he told me I was below average in Executive & Working Memory. I felt really upset coming out of the meeting & had more problems than I'd gone in with.

However, I've had some sessions with a Clinical Neuropsych who actually went through my test scores & related them to everyday situations. This allowed me think about whether I struggled with doing certain things. He then helped me employ Cognitive Rehabilitation to work on any issues.

I also told him that my results may be skewed because I didn't like the woman doing the testing! How can you relax & give your best if someone makes you uncomfortable? I felt judged & stupid.

I hope everything goes well for you & after my recent experience, I believe care must be taken not to put too much faith in the numbers.
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