Normal EEG & MRI?!?!


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See if your neurologist will refer you to an epi (seizure specialist) for a second opinion. There aren't many doctors who will refuse to refer for a second opinion.

Another possibility is to bring information to your neurologist. If the information is basic (epilepsy 101) and the neurologist didn't know the info in the first place, this has a chance of pissing them off. But, here it is:

If all else fails, find yet another general neurologist who can look at your data. Maybe start the conversation with "I read on that 50% of the EEGs come out normal, even for people that have Epilepsy. How do you reach a diagnosis of epilepsy?" (Some sources say 30%, not 50%) Bring the article as back-up.

Is the topamax working? Are you able to tolerate it?

Don't give up.
I was sure I'd read all of your post but re-reading it, there's bits I missed last time. :brain:

Yeah, the Topamax is working.
Every so often, my hands seize up for a few seconds, especially when using them for something, such as erm knitting. lol
Also, don't know if it;s related, but often have a pain in my legs.
Plus often get pins and needles in my feet.
And not got a lot of energy lately, though I had less before I was on the Topamax. Not sure if it's to do with the Topamax or not.

Well, I'm not exactly sure. I know I had to go to a different hospital because the machine was only in a few places. I believe it primarily had to do with the strength of the magnet. most machines use a 1.5T (tesla) magnet and this is the standard MRI. Higher res machines use a 3.0T magnet. Apparently, there are also 7.0T machines which are very rare and usually used for research. I probably was in a 3.0T machine. All I know is that the machine was huge! at least double the size of a standard MRI machine.

Next time I talk to my neuro, I'll ask more specifics and and let you know.
Thanks. :)
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