Not a great way to start the new year off

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If you do start Xcopri, you'll probably begin taking it using a titration pack that raises your dose slowly over a couple of weeks.
That's what the pharmacy told me. I just hope things get figured out soon so I can start it.
I know weaning on & off of meds is a PAIN! Xcopri is the 14th AED I'm using--alone or in combination with another one. Even though I am taking 200mg/day of it along with 500mg/day of Zonisamide, I still average 1-3 breakthrough seizures/month.

I've actually made a list of all the AEDs I've taken. I included when/how long I took them, my max dosages, any other AEDs I took in combination with them, & any allergic reactions. Another thing I noted in it is why I stopped using that AED (if I wasn't allergic to it).
I started it today and it does come in a titration pack. I just hope things go ok with it since the Briviact didn't. I don't think I can handle going back on Keppra again.
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