Osteoporosis anyone?

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Dilantin (phenytoin) is well-known for causing osteoporosis, so after a few years I switched to Lamictal (lamotrigine), which I’ve been on for over a decade. Now I come to find that Lamictal ALSO causes osteoporosis. (Some studies confirm this as a side effect, while others say that Lamotrigine is safe.) My neuro was the one who told me that Lamictal can cause bone loss, so I asked my PCP for a bone density scan last year, and lo and behold, I have bad osteoporosis in back, and some in my hips as well.

Anyone else experiencing bone loss caused by their AEDs? If so, have you done anything to treat it, and with what success?
I've had the same experience with my neuro really trying to get me to change medication (Depakote and Carbamazepine both) after all of these years. I keep telling her I'm not ready to do so and a broken bone isn't as bad as a seizure falling down the stairs which I navigate at home every day multiple times a day. I plan on moving to a one level home in the future so maybe then I will give it a try. I have some osteoporosis in my right hip. My PCP wanted me to take alendronate and that has side effects I'm not willing to deal with. I think we all need to decide for ourselves what is best. Good topic. Thanks, Jeanne
I'm thankful that I haven't had any osteoporosis issues. I took Dilantin for over 15 years, then Topamax/Topiramate for over 20 years. I took Phenobarbital prior to Dilantin. I do drink a lot of milk & eat a lot of cheese. I'm currently taking 500MG Zonisamide & 20MG Xcopri/day.
Like you Jean, I opted not to take alendronate or any other osteo med for now. I've adjusted my diet to add more calcium, and also...prunes! Not my favorite food, but a study showed that 5 prunes a day can help rebuild bone. Also going to change up my exercise routine to add more weight-bearing stuff. I guess I’ll know in a year or too if anything’s helping or if things are getting worse.
I ended up with degenerative disc disease thanks to the primidone (mysoline) that I have been taking for over 30 yrs.
I now take calcium every day and that has helped me out a lot.

Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

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