Pain relief from medication?

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truthfully all the painkillers they gave me in hospital for my lung cancer were nice. I am not really a painkiller person, and I will admit. I think a few combinations of the drugs do have a numbing effect or interfere with that part of your mind. part of it though, after a certain number of injuries it is very hard to get panicked anymore over a lot of things. most of the people here have some sort of story that most people consider horrifying. We have a worst injury thread, it gets rough. but I had a few fucked up stories long before the epilepsy, i cut off the tip of my index with a bicycle wheel. i had to go find the tip before we went to hospital. it is hard for a lot to shock me after that. I think it is similar for a lot of other people, even more so for those who have their epilepsy from an injury
I had three Excedrin just because it was hurting to breathe
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