partial seizures or low BP

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I went to eye doctor for checkup which included dilation drops. Each morning since then I've experience huge light show in my eyes, sparkly bright lights which starts small & then explodes to full brightness then I pass out. Could I be feeling the after effects of dilation drops? Dr did use a lot of bright lights in my eyes which is normal but I could hardly walk out of the office. I came home & slept most of the day. I notice if I get stressed I am much worse. Has anyone experienced this after eye dilation? Thanks for listening!
I've never had a test like that but I'd defiantly talk to the dr about this, it doesn't sound like a good thing. It could be the med that he'd used to dilate your eyes that's making it happen?

It's very possible that you are having seizures. I don't know if you have photosensitive seizures but the what's going on with the light that you are seeing could be causing them somehow. Stress is another seizure trigger too.
Thank you ! I thought I would have a seizure from all the lights they flashed in my eyes during the exam and I was exhausted when it was over. The Dr doesn't seem to listen to anything I have to say.
My doctor did ANS testing first to rule out BP problems and other autonomous system issues. I’d look into the ANS testing.
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