Pharmacists know more than doctors

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I think that a pharmacist knows more than drs do. Nine times out of ten I don't think they even need to look it up on a computer when you have a question. If you need to know something they are better about finding an answer, and much quicker, than a dr.

Was going to pick up a new med today and the pharmacist told me that it could have a bad interaction with one I'm already on especially the dosage. He wanted to know why my neuro didn't say anything about it or wasn't going to do anything. He's calling my neuro to find out.

I'm taking a med that cost over $400 for three months. When I got it refilled they told me that I could get it over the counter. It only costs about $15 for a three month supply now!
They have different areas of expertise. Good thing your pharmacist caught it!
Hi Val,

I couldn't agree with you more there have been times when my family Dr. has given me a antibiotic and I remind him of the
seizure meds I'm on but he told me you will be fine. I took the prescription to be filled and my pharmacist saved me he told me
the antibiotic could make my seizure med toxic. I agree with you all the way a pharmacist knows a lot more about meds than Drs.
do and sometimes I can't help but wonder if the Dr. just pushes the prescription to make a little money.
Here's wishing you only the best and May God Bless You!

I can't help but wonder if the Dr. just pushes the prescription to make a little money.
I wonder about this too.

I mentioned in my post that the pharmacist told me that my prescribed $400 med could be bought over the counter. The prescription med was for double vision and it worked. I've been taking the over the counter med for years now and haven't had a single problem with it. No double vision at all. I've got a list of my meds, and the over counter med is on on instead of the prescribed med. I've never been asked by the dr why I'd switched to it.
Hi Val,
After my Epileptologist did a DNA test on me to find the best seizure med and he told me that a DNA test can be done for
any medical condition to find the right med that's when I started to wonder myself about some Drs. pushing the more expensive
meds to people. Also when I told my family Dr. to do a DNA test on me to find the right antibiotic he refused and that's when I told
him that I would let the medical conduct board know what he was refusing to do and they went after him. I wish you the best of
luck and May God Bless You!

My pharmacist called my neuro yesterday and called me back today letting me know that he'd gotten ahold of my neuro and let me know that my neuro knows what can happen and they do the med combo a lot. They'll told him that I'll be having frequent testing, which I'm guessing will be blood tests, to make sure things are ok. Neuro didn't tell me this either.

It's Xcopri that I'll be taking. Going to start it Sunday. If I don't hear from my neuro in a few weeks about getting the tests done I'm going to call them.

Glad I've got my pharmacist!
Pharmacists know a lot about the drug interactions because they study so much chemistry. I knew some people in college who were studying pharmacy, & they said it was tons and tons of chemistry related classes.
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