Prodrome Symptoms, Auras


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Hey everyone,

I'm new here and newly diagnosed as Temporal Lobe Epileptic.

I've had one Tonic Clonic and one Simple Partial Seizure so far.

I'm wondering what your experiences are with prodrome symptoms and auras?

For a few days before my tonic clonic I had more incidences of deja vu, felt on edge and agitated, felt like my brain was a little speeded up, slept a lot more, thought there was a strange smell coming from my body... Then on the day of the tonic clonic I had massive incidences of deja vu, felt very irritable and agitated. The minutes before the seizure I felt euphoric and had bright white lights blurring my vision, I felt as though I was walking on air.

I didn't feel any different in the days preceding the simple partial. Although just before it happened I got the same feeling of intense deja vu, all regular geometric patterns were making my brain "shake", time seemed to slow down and everything around me was blurry except if I focussed on it.

I'm highly interested to hear your experiences of this....
Hi CherryBee, welcome to CWE!

A lot of the folks experience a wide variety of auras, including ones with deja vu. They are especially likely with TLE.

You might want to search for info folks has posted about their auras using the search tab at the top, and also take a look at the following thread:

I my case, while I don't get auras before my tonic-clonics, before I developed epilepsy I had occasional "symptoms" like flashing lights in front my eyes, and a twitching arm. These were very rare and minor so I ignored them, but they were prodrome precursors to the epilepsy, and haven't occurred since my first tonic-clonic.

Prodrome vs Aura

I found this list on the Epilepsy Foundation website.
Common signs of the Prodome Stage:
Mood changes
Feeling lightheaded
Difficulty sleeping
Difficulty staying focused
Behaviour changes

These are common signs you’re alive. 😆

My Prodrome stage recently went
No appetite
Then manically and randomly vacuuming the car at a very fast pace about an hour before the seizure.
Unfortunately didn’t feel the aura. The aura only gives me a few seconds. The Prodrome stage could be something else to try and identify.
With weekly seizures I’m not sure if I’m in the Prodrome Stage or Postictal stage. I’m guessing both.
I’m really surprised there isn’t more talk about the Prodrome stage.
I know when I smoke certain strains of marijuana it can kick the mania into high gear. I need to stop using the devils lettuce for alleviating boredom, depression, & low energy and try using it strictly for seizure control. A lower THC indica strain can put me on the couch for the day so it might reduce the mania.
Or stop all together😞. I already gave up Beer!!
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