PROLONGED focal aware auras. How common? Neurologist says rare, so not too concerned.

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I've had two types of PROLONGED focal aware auras.

1) What I call 'seizure taste/dizzies' auras. Bitter, chemical, metallic taste, one back in August that lasted for HOURS (first time ever prolonged). This occurred the day before I had (what at least I know) was a focal unaware and then at least 8 brief 'seizure taste/dizzies' auras later that day. I was sure another focal unaware seizure was going to culminate at any moment because of the mere number of auras, but it didn't.

Ethereal seizures. It's almost as if the universe is honing in on me and me alone and is trying to communicate something to me. I feel as if it's telling me I'm somehow special, anything is possible, to keep dreaming. The incandescent lighting appears warmer. Everything looks crisp. It's very calming, relaxing. I almost feel like the universe is hugging me, and I have supernatural powers.

Here's something funny. Maybe 18 years ago I had a prolonged ethereal aura during the day. Life was grand! Powerball came on, and I figured I'd give it a shot. I called the first number, and out it rolled. I laughed. Just luck. I called the second number, and wouldn't you know it, it too rolled out. I called the third number, and omg, it rolled out. I freaked myself out at that point, lost all concentration, and missed every other number. It didn't feel as if I was psychic, but rather, as if my thoughts had summoned them out, one at a time. I gave no thought to which numbers I chose, like birthdays, etc... Just random numbers. Anybody else have something like this happen?

I also had one aura (not prolonged) immediately before the focal unaware just mentioned. First ever of this type. I was walking down the stairs after what I call a stumbling/staggering episode. I wake up suddenly from sleep, disoriented. (I believe these stumbling episodes are my awakening from a sleep seizure because I usually stumble to the bathroom with no particular urgency.) Halfway down the stairs, I froze. I felt something was 'off', something was about to happen, wasn't scared, wasn't dizzy, just focused on making a decision. Do I run to the bottom and hope I make it? Or do I sit down? I sat down and can even remember sinking into the step. Next memory was when my head fell below the center of gravity of my knee, and I felt myself falling forward. This aura lasted maybe 3 seconds.
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