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What does everyone think about spending time and money researching the use of anti seizure drugs for obesity. Qnexa is being reviewed by the FDA, It is a combination of topiramate (Topomax) and phentermine. Personally I'd rather like to know why I gained 8 pounds in 6 weeks on Depakote and haven't lost an ounce since dropping it and why they rarely spend money researching anything seizure related.
bigger money in obesity drugs.....

topamax made me lose weight, big time. wish i could have kept taking it
My Doc wanted me to go on it as a last resort before surgery and I almost did to get those 8 Depakote pounds off.
It wouldn't be bad if they directed the profits from weight loss sales back into epilepsy research...but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen:rolleyes:

Hello. In my very humble opinion, prescription meds should only be used to treat conditions they were developed for in the first place. Currently I'm taking a med that was discovered to treat partial seizures as an off-label use. When I asked my neurologist why they won't approve more than 4 refills at a time, I touched a really raw nerve: he said, "Oh, Ann, it's all just politics, politics, politics..." Also, I think it not only has to do with loving food too much, but it also has something to do with pharmaceutical patents. Please correct me if I'm incorrect about the patent answer, CWE members.
I think the patent issue is correct -- Big Pharma will do anything it can to extend a patent, and prevent generics from entering the market and undercutting profits. If you find a new and different use for an existing drug, then you can re-patent it for that new use.

I heard that Zonegran was also being tested as a weight-loss drug. It certainly did the trick for me, with unpleasant consequences (low blood sugar, sour stomach, cranky moods, and eventually, a seizure...).
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