RNS or VNS, which do you like better?

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I currently have a VNS and I'm also on medicine. I started seeing a new neuro and he suggested that I have an EMU and find out if an RNS would work for me. He said that I would probably still taking meds. I could also keep my VNS if I wanted to, I'd be needing to get a new battery in it soon though.

I wanted to know people's opinions of the two.
It's been years since I did much reading or investigation for either system. I'm not sure what improvements or study data might have been occurred in the last few years.

Off the top of my head though, I'd be wondering if there are any case studies for patients that had both. I can imagine a bad scenario where the VNS and RNS keep triggering each other in a feedback loop. Maybe that's not really possible. I don't know, but it's something I would investigate if I were considering it.
I have the VNS, was installed originally in 2008 and have never had any issues with it. Due to the multiple factors with my case it was best to put in place a DBS in 2011 at University of Nebraska Medical Center. The neurosurgeon felt it was best using the DBS device for seizure care because of how the mapping grid showed activity on both sides.
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