Seizure response dog helps 4 yo with Dravet Syndrome

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... Giovanni regularly experiences seizures due to Dravet syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that the boy was diagnosed with as an infant.

When it came time to meet Gracie, Giovanni was irritable from being out in the sun. Shortly after the puppy arrived, Giovanni, who is nonverbal, threw the tablet he uses to communicate to the ground, Danitza, the boy's mom, tells PEOPLE.

"When Giovanni screamed, cried, and threw his tablet, Gracie didn't flinch or run away," Danitza, 34, says. "Gracie instinctively put her head into my son, licked his face, and comforted him."

"I said, 'Wow! That is our dog,'" she adds of Gracie's adoption day.


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