so sick of being tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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every morning i wake up feeling like i not slept in days and it lasts all day! but i get plenty of sleep about 8 or 9 hours! and constant headache of the right side of head

i think its the keppra doing it and its bugging the hell out of me!
i guess being on 2 meds which both have tired as side effect doesnt help!
im already going down on my tegretol i doubt i will get off the keppra in a hurry!

anyone else get this with keppra or tegretol? or both ?
Is it possible you might be having seizures in your sleep at all? Or sleep apnea?
I know when I have simples in my sleep, I'll wake up feeling like I never slept.

My sleep, when I manage to get some, doesn't seem to be affected by my Keppra. I'm on 2000mg/day. I have pretty insane insomnia though, so our situations are quite different. :)
i think its more side effects from being on the 2 meds maybe they are clashing? it just lasts all day every day! I did have bad side effects on the tegretol alone so i guess it didnt help adding which seems to be the worst side effect tablet!

i just so sick of these tabs etc..... theres always something if not tiredness and headache il be light headed or have vertigo, forgetting everything, half time feels like i dont know what im doing lol
and them auras are horrible i not been dignosed that i have them without tc but i defo get it ... i think the nero would laugh at me saying i can only have them with a tc
The joys of being on nerve-suppressants... :?
If you were having bad reactions to the Tegeretol, why are you still on it? Adding another med to the mix could easily make things worse... :?
Tegretol makes me insanely tired too :( I've just learnt to live with it. Get in a daytime nap if you can and lots of caffeine if it doesn't affect your seizures.
Hand of Blood

Sorry to hear about the hard time your are having, I felt tired on the tegretol as well and I had to get angry to come off it, I had to refuse to take the keppra before they agreed to take me off the keppra now they have put me on vimpat and I feel worse, its good at helping with my seizures, it gets increased next week, maybe its the mixture of drugs I am on or it might just be the vimpat, I was with the GP and I rang the neurologist the answer he gave me was to wait another month, Silat unfortunately Ireland is not like the US, the doctors and neurologists seem to have there own ideas and drugs of choice at least that is the way it seems to me, I could be very wrong but its just the impression I get. This may not be helpful but I hope everything works out ok for you Hand of Blood.
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ive been trying to get off tegretol for about 5ish years and they wont listen to me!! they kept doing blood work and saying its normal so they didnt take me off! i pushed so much and finally other week i was allowed down 200mg its a start

as for keppra i really didnt want to take it! took me a year to take it coz i was so scared of course the doc promised me i would get off the tegretol if i took it.... they lied!
nero wanted me to take it because i didnt want to go higher on the tegretol!
i wish i never took the keppra thats prob another 5 years before i get off it!
sometimes i wish i lived in america! its seems since u pay for it all u can change when u want! but here its like a jail sentence they wont let u out!
I know what you mean, it really is stupid that they will not listen to us, I mean we are the one's taking the drugs not them, then we go and try and live a nice peaceful life, ya right, what do they know, its like someone here said and they were right, they should take it themselves first, then they might have an idea how hard it is, they do not like it when you stand your ground and say this is not right or I do not want to take that, you are right about being in the US, I think. Try not to let this get you down only more determined.
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