Social Anxiety & Epilepsy


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I need help understanding this. I have a constant fear of having a seizure, so I drink to the point of forgetting. I get so much social anxiety and I am so scared of getting a seizure.... so I drink to excess in order to forget these anxieties, which of course creates its own problems. Please I hope there are others out there. I really need some help.
Hi Cndddd,

There are a lot of famous people out there who have seizures. People like Elton John, Danny Glover, Alan Faneca retired professional football
player whose had seizures since he was 14 or 15 yrs. old.

Take my word drinking won't help you at all it will only make things worse for you and it may increase your seizures. Take a look at
Einstein, Edgar Allen Poe and Agatha Christy they all have had epilepsy and they did well in life. You need to stop the drinking and don't
be scared of the seizures. I worked for 35 yrs. in public school and I had seizures in front of students and staff but I was always open with
them and told them about my seizures when I first meant them and they understood very well. Yrs. later I had surgery to help reduce my
seizures and it was well worth it. Have you ever looked into that? It's well worth it.

I wish you only the best of luck and May God Bless You,

I can relate to the fear and the social anxiety. I have terrible social anxiety. Not being able to drive has actually been a great thing for me. Just getting outside and walking and being around people has actually helped me. It’s easy for me to want to stay inside and hide, but the more I do that the worse I feel. It’s a daily struggle. Some days are better than others. Even today it was hard for me to get outside. But after I do, it feels so much better.

My suggestion is to just get out of your house at much as possible, even if it feels overwhelming/scary/hard. Even if it’s just sitting outside your home or walking around the block. Also it helps me to have something to do when I’m out somewhere there are a lot of people, just in case my social anxiety is overwhelming. Even if it’s just a book or magazine to look at.

And just remember, we’re all weird. No one’s perfect.. No ones looking at you.. and most of the “what if’s” that we worry about won’t actually happen, and often if they do it’s not nearly as scary as we think.

I can understand the fear of having a seizure too. After my seizure I almost obsessively thought about it. But fearing it and anticipating it won’t change anything. And you made it through your previous seizure/s, you’ll make it through the next one.

And as for drinking, try your best to quit. Expect to feel shitty at first as your body/mind adjusts. It’s tough so lots of self care is needed. And if you slip up it’s not failing or starting over. Progress is slow, then sudden. We often don’t realize the little changes we make and give ourselves enough credit.

My anxiety used to be so bad I couldn’t even walk my dog (all because he barks at other dogs). And now I can walk my dog whenever I want. Maybe to others, that doesn’t seem like a big deal. But to me it was an important accomplishment in my life and my life is that much better because of it.

Big hugs. You’ve got this!
Hey buddy,
I come from a similar place and basically needed to drink to cope with any sort of social interaction. Thus all friendships i was ever ever to build were centered around getting fucked up which sucked because as i approached my mid 30's i found i was not as able to cope with the savage hangovers and my epilepsy started getting worse.

I decided i needed to find other ways to spend my time which left me pretty isolated, which was also not healthy. So i started going to the gym (early in the morning or late at night so i didn't have to be around a lot of people). It's 3 months later and i find i'm starting to feel comfortable around other people, the constant worry that there's something wrong with me or that i'm doing something weird is becoming less and less.

Becoming physically strong is helping me stay mentally strong and it feels great to not have to deal with hangovers all the time. I wish you the best and if i can help at all let me know.
Anxiety and Depression are a big concern. Covid has made that worse. My Dr. put me on a very low dose of Lexapro. It has helped a lot! It just takes the edge off. I call it my Happy Pill! 😂 You might ask your Neurologist if that a good option for you. I drink socially, but I do watch the amount. It’s a slippery slope if you aren’t careful. This might sound weird, but hard liquor like Vodka doesn’t seem to increase my seizures. I can’t drink red wine because it does provoke my seizure. I agree exercise will make you feel much better. Just start out walking around your neighborhood. I cant do without exercise now. You can do i! Remember you are worth it! 💜
Interesting. I am just the opposite. Recovered alcoholic; when I did still drink I had gran mal seizures. Since I have been sober, only partial seizures. And being an older guy, I am never at the gym, instead, in front of my computer when not at work. On occasion in my garage building wood products. 🤓

Anxiety was a big issue for me many years back, mostly I believe dealing with epilepsy, but my neurologist has me on a good drug, citalopram. I have heard though that better than medication for anxiety is good friends spending time with and good things we do thru the day which is enjoying.

Cndddd, look for friends and people who you can share time with, letting them know how you are feeling. If you can, trade the alcohol with friends. My prayers are with you!
alcohol can also lead to scarring on the liver and that limits the meds that can get into the body
I used to struggle with anxiety too, and it led me to drink excessively to cope, but I soon realized that it only made things worse. Seeking professional help and talking to friends or family about it can make a huge difference.
I used to struggle with anxiety too, and it led me to drink excessively to cope, but I soon realized that it only made things worse. Seeking professional help and talking to friends or family about it can make a huge difference.

I've learned about the causes of GAD, which has helped me understand and control my anxiety better.
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