1. C

    Social Anxiety & Epilepsy

    I need help understanding this. I have a constant fear of having a seizure, so I drink to the point of forgetting. I get so much social anxiety and I am so scared of getting a seizure.... so I drink to excess in order to forget these anxieties, which of course creates its own problems. Please I...
  2. D

    Drugs and alcohol with epilepsy, my story. Any similar?

    I have never been diagnosed with epilepsy, but I had 3 full unconscious epileptic fits over about 8 months when I was 21. The only thing I can connect with all 3 seizures was not having much sleep in the days leading up, and all 3 occurred within 1 hour of getting out of bed - and I was rushing...
  3. S

    Have you found any alcohol that doesn't provoke seizures or do you just avoid it?

    I'm meeting a close friend tomorrow for the first time in the year. She only knew me pre-whatever-the-heck-is-wrong-with-me*, when I could drink alcohol like it was water. I am not planning on getting black-out drunk, I don't plan on getting remotely "tipsy" but I would like to just have one...
  4. M

    Not allowed to drink-suggestions?

    I love to drink (I love a good microbrew), but am not supposed to because I am on Lamictal. My old neuro said it was fine as long as I was smart about it, but recently I've been having a lot of problems with frequent nausea, horrible hangovers, and low tolerance, and my new neuro said I wasn't...
  5. L

    Tonic Clonic Egotistical Depression

    Tonic Clonic Egotistical Depression I've never considered myself a substance abuser, smoker, yes, alcoholic, maybe, more than casual marijuana user, definitely, but as all substance abusers I consider it under control. The closest I have come to responsibly managing my condition as an...
  6. B

    New here

    Hello, I'm Ben, I have been diagnosed with epilepsy in December last year and have been having seizures every 3 months or so, have had 4 (including the first one) so far, the last one being a week ago. I'm taking Lamictal at 300mg now (gradually increasing from 250mg) as the doctor instructed...
  7. V

    Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

    I'm a college freshman with a little history of seizures. When I was younger (approx. 7th grade) I had a few seizures that we thought were related to very high fevers. During the seizures, I would pass out, my eyes would roll back in my head, and I would clench up my body very tightly. This...
  8. M

    Can Alcohol Bring Back Epilepsy?

    Hello everyone, I used to have problems with seizures back in elementary and middle school. After being on medicine for over eight years, I have finally gotten off and haven't had any issues with seizure activity in about four or five years. I am now in college, and am wondering if alcohol...
  9. A

    Alcohol and Epilepsy Medication

    I have tried a few epilepsy drugs and all have failed so far. They tend to work for a few months and then seem to have no effect. I like most people try to get out with friends and family for a bite to eat and a drink or two from time to time. My question to other members is:- Do you drink...
  10. P

    alcohol cure

    Thanks for all replies to my previous topic, but how about a low level of alcohol in the blood stream?? I don"t mean get drunk, just two or three bottles spread through the day cos I"ve noticed I"ve not yet had sz"s when out drinking socially!! Has any one else noticed this?
  11. Crazy Monkey

    Alcohol and Medication

    Hi Everyone I have a question, does anyone here drink alcohol whilst on their medication and wonder whether they should be? I am never quite sure, whether it is safe or not, I always get mixed reports from doctors and pharmacists. I am taking Lamictal and just added in Ethosuximide, I have...
  12. xenome

    Alcohol and epilepsy

    Im a social drinker. I drink with my friends on the weekends. When I asked my neuro if that was ok, she said that it was as long as I didnt drink around the same time that I took my meds (Keppra and Depakote). She said that those drugs and alcohol both depress the nervous system, so taking them...
  13. Elaine H

    Alcohol and Epilepsy

    Hi All I just wondered if any of you can enjoy a drink, does it affect your seizures, and if it does, how much does it take to get you sloshed, have you noticed a difference between the amount you can drink now, compared to what you used to be able to drink. I know it says "avoid" alcohol on...
  14. M

    question about alchohol

    I have been diagnosed with epilepsy since I was 8 years old and I am currently 18. I have heard from doctors time and time again of alcohol's dangerous effects on people with epilepsy. I have only had about 5 or 6 seizures since then which occured at times when I was either not on any...
  15. Bernard

    Epilepsy and Alcohol, Caffeine, etc.

    Is anyone aware of any definitive studies on the effects of stimulants and depressents such as alcohol, caffeine, etc. on seizure activity in epileptics? Dr. Manso has identified these as likely triggers for seizures in Stacy. In Stacy's case, she is borderline hypoglycemic and Dr. Manso says...
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