Drugs and alcohol with epilepsy, my story. Any similar?

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I have never been diagnosed with epilepsy, but I had 3 full unconscious epileptic fits over about 8 months when I was 21. The only thing I can connect with all 3 seizures was not having much sleep in the days leading up, and all 3 occurred within 1 hour of getting out of bed - and I was rushing to do something. Every single MRI, ECG, other neurological test - I passed with flying colours - so the neurologist just said I may as well start taking 400mg Sodium Valporate just in case but that was it. I took full dosage for 4 years, health was fine, and throughout that time I drank a lot, I partied a lot, I took a lot of drugs. To be completely honest, its just the kinda person I am. I love getting a bit crazy on substances and no diagnosis would ever change it. When I was 25 I stopped taking the medication because I thought I didn't need it anymore and within a week I had a seizure (same connectors as above, hadn't slept much, rushed out of bed for work). So naturally I got scared, started taking it again and I feel like I will for the rest of my life. Question is - I still party for days on end, I take a lot of drugs, I drink a lot and I probably won't change - but do you think taking sodium valporate is the only thing stopping me having another? Because I've come to think that may be the case

Sorry I should add I am now 28. Since my last seizure when I was 25 I have taken my medication pretty much every day (minus a few forgotten ones) but it's one of my main priorities and I stress out if I forget.

Have continued the same lifstlye. I work at music festivals so party pretty much non stop from November - May in Australia and then holiday over winter but still am a very regular binge drinker and drug user throughout the year (mainly cocaine and MDMA but also K, LSD).
Hey davecatnz, welcome to CWE!

Technically, if you've had two or more seizures, that qualifies as epilepsy, even if your tests have all been negative. So at this point I think you can assume that you're more vulnerable to seizures than the average individual.

Given that, there are several things you can do to remain seizure-free: Take meds, try other medical treatments, and/or be proactive about your lifestyle choices. It sounds like you're not interested in option 3, so, yeah, I would recommended that you stay on your meds. If you find the valproate problematic in terms of side effects, there are a lot of other seizure meds out there to try.

When I was 25 I stopped taking the medication because I thought I didn't need it anymore and within a week I had a seizure.
Stopping seizure meds abruptly can cause a seizure, so never go cold turkey, and keep your neuro in the loop if you decide to taper off. Ideally, any med transition should be done very slowly.

still am a very regular binge drinker and drug user throughout the year (mainly cocaine and MDMA but also K, LSD)
Any psychoactive substance can potentially trigger seizures, esp. if you have a low seizure threshold to begin with. Cocaine and MDMA both have stimulant and dehydrating effects that can be triggering and/or affect the metabolism of your meds. Fatigue and sleep deprivation are probably the #1 triggers of seizures. In addition, alcohol can increase the neurological side effects of Sodium Valproate (dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating). So you should proceed with caution given the risk factors associated with your lifestyle.

It's great that your seizures have been few and far between -- I hope that continues to be the case!
I've had Grand mal seizures after drinking, but of course not all of them have been after drinking. It's possible alcohol had triggered it. However typically when I have tonic clonics, I'm status epilepticus so it goes from minor myoclonic jerks to full blown seizures.

The two times alcohol has caused me to have a seizure though, I was not on and had missed medication for multiple days. I have no problem drinking on meds and I haven't a Grand mal in 18 months. If your meds are setup right, you should be more stable hopefully (within reason).

On another topic, you're at risk of damaging your mental health too. Don't underestimate the importance of that. I don't know why you would want to do a drug like LSD... I know what it's like to be paranoid and hallucinating and manic... I don't need a drug for that.
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i minimally some cigarettes, 3-6 a day. drink some, some weekends i dont have a drink at all, others ill have enough to get drunk.

And i vape CBD mmj, specifically very hi CBD mj. For instance what i have now is 18% CBD and 1.5% THC.

Sometimes ill get a tiny bit of hi thc mmj, but ill make it last and dont waste the whole day away stoned and lying around on the couch.

My point letting you know all this, I feel this is the max anyone should go with E.

Otherwise you are just asking for it. The pills and powders you consume are really, really bad choices.

The damage your brain suffers from a seizure alone is pretty bad, topping it all off with hard drugs is really punishing yourself. You may be having a gay ole time right now, but 5/15/25yrs down the line you will pay for this "party period" you are in.

2-4yrs ago, i was a whole lot more like you. Partying, driving, just plain out reckless for someone with E.

From what it sounds like i was about 50% of what your doing now, maybe even 40%. But my point is you will grow older each year & wiser, you will soon drop your hardcore weekends for lighter or milder partying.

Once your friends are no longer using the drugs its not like you will do it/them by yourself.

Think some of this over, i am 33 for instance. As the years pass things will slowly calm down, id consider calming sooner than later.

You do not have to quit everything your doing, just continue easing back bit by bit. Some of those hard drugs could & should really go, no reason you cant drink, a tiny bit of coke and call it a night.

Ecstasy, K & LSD are really really not something you should touch. Coke isnt either, but i am just trying to get you to make little bits of progress.

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