Tam's story (thanks to RobinN)

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Thank you so much, Robin. Because of your story about menstrualpsychosis/ pmdd. (I haven't been around long enough to be able to post links)

I finally found out that i have Catamanial epilepsy. I had a EEG two weeks ago and it showed epileptic activity. After I read your story six weeks ago, i ordered the natural progesterone creme usp. I started using 1/3 of a teaspoon right before i went to bed. I noticed it started working just after a few hours.

I talked to my doctor about the use of natural progesterone creme for my hormonal problems. She was negative about is and explained that the regular way to treat hormonal problems is to use the anti-conception pill. I told her that the anti-conception pill only made my problems worse. She told me that the fluctuation in hormones caused by the natural progesterone creme in search of the right dosis would be one of the reasons to not use it. It is not given to woman by neurologist, gyneacologist or any physisians in the Netherlands.

I showed your story and the wiki of catamenial epilepsy to my docter. My doctor did not believe i had epilepsy. She did how ever send me to see a neurologist because i didn’t take no for an answer. She wrote on a note to the neurologist; “She thinks she has Catamanial epilepsy!!!!!!!” with other words. ‘Coo coo.’ :loco:

The neurologist at first didn’t believe it was epilepsy. I suggested to do a EEG twice. One right before my period, when i’m having my problems and one after my period when i don’t have any problems.

The EEG showed i had catamanial epilepsy. My 13 - year old daughter is showing the same problems. I am so glad i now can prevent her for going through so many wrong diagnosis and meds that i’ve been through.

I am now 35 years old. I’ve been having problems caused by Catamenial epilepsy since i was 13 years of age.

My misdiagnosis so far have been: PMS, Postnatal depression, PMDD, ADD and depression and my doctor’s most favorite diagnose so far has been stress.

My meds have been anti-depression twice. I have had severe allergic reactions to the anti-depression and ritalin for ADD.

My diagnosis ADD has been scratched of my medical record since two months ago. I asked for a second evaluation because i felt it was a wrong diagnose. I’m glad that the psychiatrist agreed that it has been a wrong diagnose.

The natural progesterone creme usp gives me a chance in living in stead of surviving.

Robin, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for giving me the explenation and the answer to what ive been searching for so many years. I wish you, your daughter and your family all the best. You are a live saver. Words cannot explain what this means for me and my daughter. :flowers:

With love,
Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I'm sure that your story is going to help more people just as RobinN's posts helped you.

Oh, and "welcome" to the forum. :hello:
It breaks my heart that you had to fight so hard to get a proper diagnosis, but I'm thrilled you had the courage and strength to persevere. Thank you for posting this.

Tam - I said it before in our private message, but I will say it here...
Thank you for your thoughtful note to me. The journey we have been on with all of it's ups and downs is actually a blessing when so much positive is learned from it.
Just as I am sure Bernard had no idea when he began the roller coaster ride with his wife, and now years later the incredible number of people he has helped by creating this safe place to come and explore options.

I am sure your story will encourage others to stand strong when up against those with closed minds.

Thank you for taking the time to post here at CWE, it is very thoughtful of you.

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