catamenial epilepsy

  1. L

    Zoladex guinea pig reports for those with catamenial epilepsy...

    So tomorrow am I going to be given my first injection with Zoladex. For those of you who are unaware this is a drug in pellet form that will be injected under the skin on my abdomen to be absorbed that will force my body into a menopausal state for one month. I will be given hormones at an even...
  2. T

    Tam's story (thanks to RobinN)

    Thank you so much, Robin. Because of your story about menstrualpsychosis/ pmdd. (I haven't been around long enough to be able to post links) I finally found out that i have Catamanial epilepsy. I had a EEG two weeks ago and it showed epileptic activity. After I read your story six weeks ago, i...
  3. L

    seizures and menstrual cycle

    does anyone ever feel like they are going to have a seizure due to their period? sometimes i feel more prone to seizures at that time. if yes, could someone explain why
  4. M

    Progesterone Lozenges

    Just wondering, has anyone ever heard of taking progesterone around your period? I read somewhere that some people take progesterone lozenges around their period to prevent having a seizure. Since that is usually when I have some little problems I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they...
  5. A


    Hi all, I'm new here and posting on behalf of my daughter who has had epilepsy since puberty, she is now 40years of age and like many of you, I am sure, heartily sick and tired of living life with epilepsy. I got a call from her work at 7am this morning, saying that she was "going to have a...
  6. E

    Catamenial Epilespy

    I have PMS and 98% of my seizures occur at that time. Does anyone have Catamenial Epilepsy? Any tips on how to treat it? I take 300mg of Lamotrigine and my neurologist suggested I take 1/2 clobozam before and after my period. Thanks. Esther
  7. flinnigan


    Has anyone taken Prometrium as a non menopausal woman? My Ob/Gyn added it to my regime today. I'm a little leary and not sure if I should be doing it. I don't have my Epileptologists blessings either. Probably should call him tomorrow. Also where can I find drug interactions. I also take Trileptal.
  8. E

    clobazam (Catamenial / Women's Issues)

    Hi there. My neurologist prescribed 1/2 clobazam before and after my period because my seizures usually occur around then and so I'm taking this along with my regular med, Lamotrigine. Anybody had a similar experience or taken similar meds together? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you...
  9. LuvMyTwins

    Epilepsy and Peri/Menopause - Women's Issues

    So, I went to by OBGYN yesterday and spoke about where I was going with this issue of having high ovarian cancer in my family (I take Depo Provera now). I'm looking to saying goodbye to the ovaries...... Any experience with an increase/decrease in seizures due to peri/menopause? I swear that...
  10. A

    just wondering

    I have another doctors appointment 11/11/08 at a free clinic :woot:wooo hooo a doctor who i saw yesterday referred me there after they put me back on my e meds & meds for my neck... anyways, my Question is has anyone just taken meds around your menstrual cycle as this is the only time i have...
  11. A

    hormones catamenial epilepsy hi I just found this thought some of you would like to read it... Catamenial epilepsy Patterns and causes Evaluation Treatment Catamenial (from the Greek kata, by; men, month) epilepsy refers to seizure...
  12. Bernard

    Seizures during the menstrual cycle

    Changes in brain receptors linked to seizures and anxiety during the menstrual cycle
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