Epilepsy and Peri/Menopause - Women's Issues

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So, I went to by OBGYN yesterday and spoke about where I was going with this issue of having high ovarian cancer in my family (I take Depo Provera now). I'm looking to saying goodbye to the ovaries......

Any experience with an increase/decrease in seizures due to peri/menopause? I swear that my seizure increase this fall was partly due to perimenopause (Yes, I'm only 39, but it historically comes early in my family). Not only that most of the ladies in my family have passed (mom included--age 43) from a "women's cancer (not breast)." The women that lived the longest all had hysterectomies (past 85).

I would rather go with it naturally, but I have to get off Depo (even though the extra progesterone has been great) and don't know if I want to go back to seizures/auras during that time AND the switch to a new BC.

Love to hear any thoughts on this.---LMT
Have you had the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic tests done? These genetic tests show whether or not you are a carrier of a gene that can cause both breast and ovarian cancers at a very high rate. With your family history of cancer, I would think you would be a candidate for testing. Since I had breast cancer myself 11 1/2 years ago and had some members in my family who had also had it, my insurance paid for me to be tested (thankfully, since the test was about $3000 a few years back). Fortunately, I tested negative for both which was great information to have for my daughter. I think having the test done (a simple blood test) would help you make your decision. Unfortunately, I don't know how it would impact your seizures. Good luck!
I didn't have these specific tests done. Met with a gene specialist who told me that I'm high risk (duh). I will ask my Gyn about that though. Thanks--LMT
epilepsy and peri/menopause

my szr pattern always came and went with the cycles of the moon, my cycles. Hormone levels change everything. I mentioned it to my doctor and first he poo poo ed the thought. 2 years later he asked me if I had heard about female E. I had to just roll my eyes. I will be talking with my Dr on tuesday and am going to ask about HRT, if that helps us girls. ;) my family has all gone through menopause early. I am the walking barrameter. 3 years ago my cycles just stopped. bam.
good luck, keep me posted

periods keep coming. I missed a month, and thought that they were finally over. They don't seem to affect my sz activity tho' .
I don't like the idea of any surgery, because I feel it may 'cure' one thing, yet cause another problem.
I don't want HRT, or any more pills. I'm just so not sure that it is the answer, after the horrors I went thru as a kid with meds.
I'm looking for more info on Hormone therapy. I definitely have Catemial Epilepsy. I started Trileptal in Dec. and went seizure free for 54 days. Thought I found a good med. First week of Feb. BOOM a seizure a week later 2 more then I started my period the next day and had 3 more. None since. Looking back I missed my Jan. period so that's probably why I didn't have any. I'm due next week and not sure what to due with meds. I'm seeing my DR. also next week for the WADA so hopefully I can get some info then. As much as I like him he didn't seem to have much info on hormones last time. I just found out that there is a female Dr. in his group that has written about the subject so I'm going to push him to talk to her.
Epilepsy and peri/menopause

I didn't know there was a name for E that went with the cycles. I know that I could be in solitary confinement, not knowing the phases of the moon and I would know! My b-friend would hear me say "where's the moon, where's the moon"
I guess I really am a lunatic!:woot:
Can "WE" go on a Strike? :-/

I have added an addendum to the title and moved
the thread over here - since Women's Issues are
discussed about frequently. It is a troublesome
matter from all ages.

I myself am going through menopause --> I have
to endure those "hot flashes" what once I used
to bounce back and forth in the mid 30's to early
40's between menopause and menses cycle as
if my body could not make up its mind of which
direction it wants to go?

I even told my own Physician:

I personally officially resign from
being a woman!


By the time I was 43, I really was like a super
fast game of Ping Pong between menopause
and menses. I never had a peri-menopause
phase, it was vicious! My seizures would go
through the roof! Hence, the Catamenial
Epilepsy / Seizures. (They ought to vanquish
that word!)


For sufficient enough that woman has to
undergo all of this; and Epilepsy on top of
it all - is just "added insult".

At this present phase; nearing at 47, my
body still has no idea where it is going; I
finally told my Physician:

I am going on a strike, I quit being
a woman!


Epilepsy and Peri/Menopause - woman's issues

information always keeps one guessing!
I had hormonal migraines for over 30 yrs. My doctor put me on natural progesterone, and magnesium. It has kept them away for over 3 yrs now.

My daughters seizures, tend to happen most of the time around her cycle. Her neurologist has prescribed natural progesterone for seizure control. It is a cream.
There is a lot of information on this subject, and doctors should be familiar with it. (even though Rebecca's first neurologist was clueless).
Hi, I am 53 and am having seizures about every six months. The seizures are sort of like a panic attack. The last seizure I had was a grand mal. My seizures are getting worse as I get older. My medication is being changed from tegretol to Keppra. I am also on estradiol once a day for the seizures. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has the same issue.
Hi Suzee -- Estradiol promotes seizures! You shouldn't be on it if you have a seizure disorder! If your neurologist prescribed estradiol for your seizures you need to get a new neurologist.
No, I don't believe that is true. There was a study done where it helped women with seizures.
Suzee... I am new here too and close to your age. I have also noticed an increase in seizure activity especially with what appear to be more simple partial, just different than the staring off, but since I am through menopause now by a few years, it could be just increasing age changing my seizure patterns.

I believe Nakamova is correct. Most of my seizure/migraine activity seemed to center around my period. My doctor used to say "you just have too much estrogen for your own good". I also had a hard time carrying a child because my estrogen/progesterone was off the first 2 months of pregnancy... remedied by progesterone shots.

When I started perimenopause in my 40s I was so moody, dizzy, just sure I was going to have t/c, but my gyne suggested a small dosage of progesterone during this time which I used for a couple of years. I have completed menopause now, but the more I read about seizures as you get older, may indicate a medication change and/or amount for me.

For so many us with seizures the natural release of the hormone estrogen can be overwhelming each month and then perimenopause with the period fluctuation, light/heavy periods, or maybe no period can be stressful. Not to mention the hot flashes when your estrogen levels are extremely low. But I did make it through ;)

Sorry I have not been here long enough to most a link but if you Google Seizures and menopause/progesterone you can find lots of links

We are all alike and different at the same time, so what worked for me may not work at all for you, or even worse, have the opposite effect.

Also, I tried to help guard against seizures by taking large amount of B6. Big mistake. Caused my phenobarbital level to drop.

Hope this helps... MaryK
Suzee -- too much estrogen is a seizure trigger. It would be very unusual to be given estrogen to prevent seizures. As MaryK says, the remedy tends to be progesterone, since that helps keep estrogen levels in check.

In the article at this link http://professionals.epilepsy.com/wi/print_section.php?section=hormones_catamenial it says:
Estrogens (in particular estradiol, the most important of the different estrogen forms) have potent proconvulsant properties. They exert an excitatory effect on neurons by stimulating the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)- type glutamate receptor.5 In women with epilepsy, intravenous administration of conjugated estrogens activates epileptiform discharges and may result in seizures.6
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