Seizures during the menstrual cycle

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A new UCLA study shows that changes in certain brain receptors can affect seizures and anxiety during the menstrual cycle--findings that could lead to novel therapies for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD, formerly known as PMS) and other central nervous system symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.


"This may provide novel therapeutic targets for curing PMDD (PMS) or catamenial epilepsy, a form of epilepsy in women that is exacerbated during certain stages of the menstrual cycle, or other mental or neurological disorders related to changes in steroid hormone levels," Mody, the study's lead researcher, said. "If some of our findings are replicated in humans, our study would provide some testable predictions about new therapies."

Changes in brain receptors linked to seizures and anxiety during the menstrual cycle
I strongly agree wih Elisa, but I am afraid that way from mice to humans is quite a long one. ;)

Well, then I'll just waiting to go through the "change" once that happens I should be golden. It's getting" through it" that is going to be the issue! Not looking forward to that one at all, and it is just around the corner... ughhhh!
Well, Elisa, in a way we are lucky girls - at least we know approximately when the seizure may come ;)

Although I never had seizures in connection with my period and I went through the change early due to Dilantin, I must admit that menopause is GREAT!! Even while I was going through the change, getting up a couple of times a night to change my nightgown because of the night sweats, and dealing with hot flashes and the like, I relished each and every one. If this meant that I was never going to get another period, I was willing to deal with anything! It's been more than 19 years now since my last period and I haven't missed it a bit. A friend of mine was tremendously upset when she had to have a hysterectomy. Like too many women, she associated getting a period with being female, attractive and young. I told her to forget it - instead she had a new world to look forward to. Aside from anything else, it sure is nice to be able to wear my white dressage britches without worry! Once my friend realised that she too could wear her white britches without worrying about the time of month, she decided that a hysterectomy was a good thing. Maybe I'm in the minority but I sure am enjoying growing older. Beats the alternative!
Axa said:
Well, Elisa, in a way we are lucky girls - at least we know approximately when the seizure may come ;)

You are right there, l'm like clock work! As long as I leave the stress out of my life and make sure that I'm very careful to what I put in my body. Lots of Meds over the counter and precribed make me have seizures.
Dear Elisa,

I don't have seizure during every period, but they ALWAYS come during the period.


The very difficut thing about all this hormone stuff is it seems to keep changing, as I age. Just when I think I have it all figured out, it changes again.
In the beginning the seizures were always a week before my period, anytime in the week. Never saw a pattern.
Then after the kids I noticed that I would seizure the day that I would start to ovulate and always had at least one the day right before my menses.
Now, it seems that everything has changed again, and this has just been in the last few months.
I now can make it through the ovulating and the menses part, but as soon as I stop, then wham! And with these I seem to be getting much more depressed and sleeper, then I have been in the past.
This is just getting so old.
thank you

I am so glad you wrote this because this is what it sounds like I have. I would have a few seizures here and there but they would be worse at that time. Would that be catamenial epilepsy or would you not know that? I have never nad mine classified except as generalized.
Sounds like it could definitely be one aspect of your epilepsy.
My last post on this thread was in May I think. I don't know if anybody would have the same luck that I have but.....
Topamax has been my miracle AED when it comes to seizures during menses. I guess Topamax is used a lot for catamenial seizures and for me is works! I've been seizures free for 4 months now.
I've been taking Lamictal and Topamax
Menstrual Cycle

I have particularly strong menstrual cycles. They last about 7 days and happen every 28 days. Not only that, they are strong for about 4-5 of the 7... I mean, I lose a LOT of blood. My seizures have been more frequent during my period, and I found out something else. My grandmother (not epileptic) used to faint in the fields where she worked, for no reason, and no one could figure out why. Then she'd get right back up agian and was back to work. I think it's anemia. Hmmmm... I have the same problems, but Bernie calls them SEIZURES! I'll get rid of this crap! You'll see.

Love, Stace
Stacy, you have a very mild anemia according to the next to last blood test you had. At the ER last November, they did not find any anemia in their blood tests.

Your jerks and TCs are not from anemia (although I suppose anemia could contribute to lowering your seizure threshold - indirectly contributing to the problem).
Stacy, you have a very mild anemia ..... (although I suppose anemia could contribute to lowering your seizure threshold - indirectly contributing to the problem).

Could it not be possible to have mild anemia that changes the chemical responses of the system?
What wouldn't faze one would make another drop to their knees?

Could it not be possible that a mild anemia would drop blood sugar, or even blood pressure, or amount of oxygen to the brain and cause brain activity?

I don't know.. I am just thinking out loud. :ponder:
I have anemia. I take iron supplements on the side. They greatly help reduce my fatigue level. A blood test at that time of the month would verify the anemia.
what I am wondering is... if it is just a slight drop, wouldn't that be a possible trigger for some people. Perhaps nothing that would be highlighted in a test, but enough for someone (unique situation) to "feel" it.
"Topamax has been my miracle AED when it comes to seizures during menses."

It is my miracle drug as well. I took Topamax as my main anti-convulsant drug for many years but lost too much weight from it. The 100mg pills are in my purse today but I haven't taken it for six months now. When I felt the auras, I would bite into the pill and within ten minutes, the auras stopped. When my period came, my Dilantin went from 20-25 to 9, it dropped further when I went through chemo (level 1-5 @ same dose). Ladies with the period issue... I haven't had my period for seven months now and have had no auras, no seizures. If they studied this issue more in depth, the cure for certain causes of Epilepsy, (I feel) would be closer!)
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