Seizures during the menstrual cycle

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I have the perscription for bioidentical progesterone cream and will pick it up tomorrow. I am also going to get my naturopath who works with an MD to do my daughter's bloodwork 4 times in the month to hopefully get a better picture of what is happening with her hormones. This is all scary to us because she is having more seizures than before. I have noticed that a lot of people on the net mention adding magnesium. The also talk about fluid retention causing seizures and some women are using something called Diamox during their period...So much information but I am determined to press my dr.s and insist on help! Do you know anything about this?
Make sure to let your neurologist know about the progesterone cream if he doesn't already.

Also realize that it can weaken the skin with continual use.
Also realize that it can weaken the skin with continual use.

Sorry, that's not true. I was getting confused with Cortisone cream.

Do make sure your neurologist knows what else you're doing though.

Anyone using prometrium instead of bioidentical hormone cream to treat catamenial seizures?
I had bad seizures anyway, and I had very heavy periods. I got on a five year marina. I don't have periods any more. So I don't kill anymore lol. Boy I was mean. And I don't have those nasty seizures durring my cycle anymore. Oh my body does not like hormone therapy, this is very important to me. Because hormones are what causes the seizures.
Its odd, I read through the thread and was noticing how many of us said that they have heavy difficult times. I am the same having at least 7 days of heavy flow and usually go about 21 to 26 days between cycles. I tried depro for awhile but it killed my libido. I haven't been the same since. I also have slight animea. The other thing that has been noticed over the years is mildly low blood sugar.
My MD has noted the link between my seizures and my TOM but not all of them match up. So althought he has said that I have catamenial epilepsy I also get generalized T/C seizures
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