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Has anyone taken Prometrium as a non menopausal woman? My Ob/Gyn added it to my regime today. I'm a little leary and not sure if I should be doing it. I don't have my Epileptologists blessings either. Probably should call him tomorrow. Also where can I find drug interactions. I also take Trileptal.
for the

drug interactions, go to There is a specific area on the site there that will allow you to input your meds for any cross interactions.

As for prometrium......actually, I've never heard of it. LOL. But, that doesn't mean much, either. Heaven knows I've taken more than my fair share of meds.

My question is, WHY does the OB specifically want you to take the prometrium? Is there a specific issue going on that it is supposed to help? Did you ask them if it would be a problem with your seizure meds, or did they just blow you off? If they did, it may be time to go doctor shopping.........
Thanks Meetz,

Its a bio-identical progesterone. I've been having issues with seizures related to my cycle - Catamenial Epilepsy. I've tried a cream in the past but thought I'd give this a try. It seemed more controlled than those bought in health food stores. I had talked to my Neuro about entering a clinical trial using progesterone but it was closed. He had wanted me to add Topomax but I think I'm about done with AED's. Thanks for the link but it was down I found two through google and it seems OK with Trileptal.

I get it now. Thanks for the explanation, Flinnigan. Yes, bio-identical progesterone.......the hormone that CALMS the brain......

Good luck.........
I think Robinn's daughter takes bio-identical might want to PM her. :)
Hi Skille yep I've been in touch with Robin in the past. They use the cream.
I wanted to add that my daughters bio-identical progesterone cream was prepared by a pharmacist. It was very easy to use, and it is something that if you know your side effects to it, you can control my reducing or adding to the amount that you use. This is not possible if you take a pill.
Just from my experiences,a big reason an OB will prescribe Prometrium is
The bio identical nature of it,when you're pregnant. And as a bio identical
It will safely keep your level high so you won't miscarriage,which is very
possible should you have constantly shifting progesterone levels.your
body can mistakenly read this as a signal to begin labor and delivery.
I went through all that and its terribly scary,and leaves you guilty,and
depressed beyond reason. Hope this info helps somehow? Danjen
bio-identical progesterone..

be sure to do it under a doctor's guidance. additional progesterone has a small chance of causing heart attacks, blood clots, or strokes. Good news, it might help the healing of the brain after a TBI or stroke, and may decrease seizures.

And then look at THESE :) (free full text article)

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