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Just wondering, has anyone ever heard of taking progesterone around your period? I read somewhere that some people take progesterone lozenges around their period to prevent having a seizure. Since that is usually when I have some little problems I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they do that and how it works for them. I also take birth control, can you take birth control and use the progesterone or is it one or the other? Because then I guess I would have to find out about coming off the birth control. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I've never heard of progesterone lozenges. Most women with catamenial epilepsy use a prescribed progesterone cream AFAIK. If you don't have catamenial epilepsy, I don't think progesterone is going to help.
Most BC controls the estrogen levels which, yes, cause seizures. I chose to take Depo-Provera as my BC b/c it adds extra protection against seizures with the extra progestrone.

There are a lot of BCs out there that can help in this area. You may want to check around at them. Taking both BC and extra progesterone may be an issue.---LMT
The studies I found on Pub Med said that synthetic progesterone was not as beneficial as bio-identical progesterone.
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