Tegretol and bad teeth

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Does anyone know if tegretol makes ur teeth and gum all bad ? mine was great TIL I got on them then near all my teeth are filled my gums bleed a lot and last night one of my teeth broke the whole bk of it broke off :(

It sucks coz I don't work and I'm not entitled to any benifit anymore I can't afford the dentist :(
Hand of Blood

Yes tegretol makes your gums bleed and gives you bad teeth.
:( its a nightmare! I don't want all my teeth rotting :( anything I can do to stop it more calcium or something?
I haven't had any issues, and my doctor has me taking calcium supplements to since Tegretol can affect bones (which of course include the jawbones where your teeth are anchored).
I take Tegretol and a few months ago my gums started hurting really bad, epically when I brushed them. I went to the dentist and found out I had receding gum lines and had them fixed. A few years ago I had a root canal. I haven't had any cavities for a good many years though.

I didn't realize it but these could have happened because of the Tegretol.
Tegretol destroyed my teeth

I know this post is old but I figured i'd throw my two cents. Might help someone else. I have been on multiple seizure med for the last 38 years. I've been on phenobarbital, dilantin, depakote, diazepam, keppra, topamax, tegretol and tegretol XR. I'm on a combo mix now, but the one thing that hasnt changed is the tegretol. I've had tegretol in my system for 27 years now. At least for me, ive been battling teeth and gum issues forever. I brush, floss, use mouthwash and go to the dentist every 6 months. it feels like every time I go they seem to find something wrong. No matter what I do, one visit i had a cavity, 6 months later i had 11.
Hi Hand of Blood,

Tegretol caused my gums to bleed terribly so my dentist told me to brush my teeth twice a day and after I was done brushing them to rinse my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide since I've been doing that I've had no problems with my gums or teeth an only 2 cavities in my entire life. It doesn't taste that great but give it a try and you will get used to it. I find it's better than going to the dentist. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

Dilantin/Phenytoin is also known for causing bone problems, so it can also cause jaw & tooth problems.
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