Tegretol suppressing dreams

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Hello, everyone. I haven't been here in a while.
I was just wondering everyone's experiences with Tegretol and dreaming. It has been a very long time since I've had dreams that I remember vividly. Most nights I wake up knowing I was dreaming and maybe remembering who was in it, but I have no recollection what it was about. I used to have a lot of vivid dreams when I was younger, so this has been a little weird.
Anyway, I recently (3 weeks ago) reduced my daily Tegretol dose by 200mg, and ever since then I've been having multiple dreams per night and remembering most of them. I'm wondering if it was the Tegretol suppressing my memories of my dreams and now a lower dosage allows me to remember my dreams again? Anyone have experience with this?
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I don't think Tegretol has affected my dreams any, i still have nights where i have really vivid or seemingly constant dreams throughout the night.
It could be The sedative effect of the Tegretol has been lessened at the lower dose so that you are better able to remember your dreams. Or it could be a temporary side effect that will go away when your brain has adjusted to the new level. With Lamictal, I had very vivid dreams the first few months, but then that side effect faded, and I can barely remember my dreams now (sadly).
i also got mine reduced 200mg and my dreams are crazy these days they seem to last ages and are really strong
Hi Krista,

I'm experiencing very vivid dreams on tegretol, mostly nightmares.
Since I've been on Tegratol I almost never remember my dreams. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll realize I was having a dream, but I won't remember much about it.
I have severe nightmares on tegretol, when your younger your imagination is alot more active so wouldn't compare it too that, as above probably the reduced sedative effect, so.etimes think we look too far into these sort of things some dreams you Rene.ver some you don't how the brain works was the same before tegretol abd think back bet you were too :-D
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