Terrified of switching meds..but my hair is falling out!!

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody had any input about hair loss and various medications. I have been on Depakote for 15 yrs. In December I had my first seizure in 13 yrs. The Dr. raised my meds and ever since...my hair is falling out terribly!! Dr. suggested that I lower my meds a little and see what happens. I am so stressed over this. He suggested that I might switch to Keppra or Lamictal, but reading some posts, I am terrified to try those meds either. I've read that Keppra causes anxiety and depression and sometimes, hairloss. And Lamictal causes hair loss. I was on phenobarbital, Dilantin and Tegretol in the past, none controlled my seizures. Does anybody have any input to help me make this decision...before I go bald!! :)
Hi Virginia - Welcome to CWE
Have you considered any alternatives to support when and if you do lower your meds?
my doc always warned that the more I weighed, the higher dosage I'd need. If you've been gaining weight, you might want to try losing it. Also, have your thyroid checked to make sure that that isn't making it worse. Low thyroid can also cause hair loss.
Hi Virginia --

I transitioned onto Lamictal last fall. There was some hair loss at first -- NOT bald patches or anything like that, just more than usual coming out in the hairbrush, in the shower, etc. But after a few months my body adjusted, and there's been no problem since. I can't promise that you'll have the identical experience, but just thought I'd let you know that the hair loss isn't inevitable.
Hi Robin,

I haven't considered any alternatives only because I am unaware anything other then pharmacutical medications. Do you have suggestions? Thanks so much:)

I am actually currently on weight watchers because when they raised my Depakote dosage, I gained weight. However, the whole weight-dosage connection is very interesting. I did recently begin to lose weight on the diet. Thanks so much for the information!!
Check out Robins post she has tones of nutritional info there. In the meantime you can use a haircare line called Nioxin. I've used the shampoo and conditioner for years, my friend who was on chemo turned me onto it. They also have a scalp stimulator that does wonders. Ask around at salons near you. If you have a Trade Secret they carry it also.
I am on Keppra and don't have hair loss problems...doc changed me over to Keppra XR and I did have hair loss problem on that drug, so I switched back to Keppra
Aloha Virginia, Welcome. I have had a myriad of 'bad' side effects and interactions and I have tried many, many meds with limited success. I have also gone med free for long periods just to recover. I am currently on a pediatric dose of primidone and phenobarbitol. It works better than none and I still have a life. I do still seize but the threshold is higher, and since I now know my triggers a little better, I can work on reducing the triggers. Don't get me wrong, I am not seizure free but I am more controled if you will. It was hard to go back on the meds (even reduced) but it was a compromise. I get to feel human and the seizures are less frequent...I was ok with that. The quality of one's life is as important as the quantity.:e::mrt:
I was on Depakote combination for about 20 years. My hair stopped falling out when I stopped taking the Depakote. I'm still on the Lamictal, and on Topamax. The Topamax is my newest drug. I've been on it for three years now. No seizures with this combination and no hair loss. I wouldn't worry much about the hair loss. You most likely won't lose enough for others to notice. If at all. I didn't.
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