Texture related focal aware seizures?

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I’ve been on Briviact for a couple months now and it’s controlling seizures pretty well unless I miss a dose or if I’m on my monthly cycle. However, I’ve noticed something when looking at common occurrences around my focal seizures. So so very many times I am folding plush, cotton towels, or picking them up to hang them, or even looking at one across the room and thinking of the feeling of the texture or remembering when I’ve felt it and then had a focal seizure… and then I have one! I wouldn’t say it’s “on demand” as I’m sure I could go look at or touch one right now and not have anything happen. But does anyone else have any experience with the feeling of certain textures or fabrics leading to focal seizures? This revelation seems crazy to me right now!
Oh. My. Goodness.
I guess I answered my own question after finding this. Leaving it here for anyone who May experience the same. Although it seems to be rare.

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