The <<BAN>> game!!!

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I saw this in another forum, and thought it was hilarious, so as long as this doesnt cause me to be banned for real, LET'S DO IT!

This is supposed to be silly! Basically you just say something you would ban the person above you for if given the choice (just stay nice)


Banned for too much blue and green in their sig
For allowing the one smiley to beat up the other with a mallet. Smiley cruelty.
For having more posts than me..... by a lot
For lack of avatar..."

So, who wants to be the first to ban me?!!?!?!
I ban you immediately!

for just making this place too much fun :ponder:
i ban occb for refusing to use capital letters in your screen name.
(capital punishment, so to speak...)
I ban Nakamova because I wish I had thought of her name first!
I ban occb for being a venerable voice of CWE, and me always thinking it says vulnerable.
I ban Shelly on the mere suspicion that she may be a Longhorns fan.:lol:
Go Sooners:woot:
I would ban Rae for having a number in her name that is not her birth year.:pfft:
I ban dfwtexas for living closer to my grandparents than I do! Lol

*and actually, 18 is my birth day, and 89 is my birth year. So 1889 :) *
I ban Rae for having the same birth day as me, but not the same month, and absolutely nowhere near the same year. [cranky OLD lady shakes fist and grunts "get off my lawn!"]
I ban BB for not being

instead off
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I ban Nakamova for mentioning hunky cabana boys in another post, and not providing a link where I can order one online. Really. Was that necessary? ;)
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