The Effect of Anticonvulsants on Bone Health?

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I have been on 300 mg of Dilantin for 12 years and just had a DEXA scan that came back fine... I am 5'7 and 120 lbs. It seems to have no negative side effects on me.
As you said, this is one of those things that the Doctor should tell you about so it can be managed or it can go undetected for years and cause some serious probs.

The same thing with over the counter drugs (for colds and flu) containing antihistimine, if combined with any AED can be fatal and cause internal bleeding.

IMO ~ these two problems should be addressed by the Doctor and/or the pharmasist.
The FDA should ensure that this info is printed on the packaging.

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My doctor told me after taking dilantin for a few months that I should not take it because of bone density loss. She had me switch to vimpat and said that it would not cause any bone density problems. However it is new on the market, dilantin has been around for what, 60 years? How do they know the long term affects of any newer drug??????? Sorry for your diagnosis :(
Dosage of Vitamin D

I'm taking 2500 iu of vitamin D per day. According to a blood test, my levels are still abnormally low, by a pretty big margin. The doctor told me to take another 1000iu/day, but she didn't know how much I was on to begin with.

How much of this stuff do we have to take to get it right? I'm on 1200 mg/day of Trileptal.

How much vitamin D are you on? And at what dosage would it be toxic? Any ideas on why my levels might be so low with such a high level of supplementation (other than the trileptal). I was low even before the trileptal, but not this low.
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Hi Endless, I take my vitamin D in several forms. One is a weekly dose of D2, 50,000 units ( a prescription) and 2x a day 1 tbsp of Carlson's Fish Oil, which is rich in omega's and D3. I consulted with a fine naturopath and he believed that the D3 was extremely important. I am now down to 900mg of Trileptal and it all seems to be keeping me mostly "seizure free" ( a miracle!) after many years of intense weekly events. The right calcium is the key as well depending on your age. Take care. Wishing you the very best.
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