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This is a different kind of insomnia. Usually it’s because I slept to much during the day or something has me anxious.
The only reason I can think of is the Paxil I take in the morning. Of course the Paxil has given me the best control I’ve had for years. I started it back in November Remember having a couple nights like this but never this much.
Watched the movie "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" a couple hours ago. It was 😒 ok, for a free movie.
My sleeping schedule is totally off the charts, if I forget to take meds even once. Nearly all of them make me sleepy anyway, so I'll often end up napping mid-day, making things worse. End up staying awake the following night, until dawn. Hate it. Hate the meds too, but at least they do help to keep me from falling down. Mostly.
To much 😴 today. Staying up this late is never good. At the same time I do enjoy the quiet. My mind isn’t racing with daily life concerns. I’m just not tired.
“Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.” ― Paul Simon
Something positive about being up near 2 am for no reason!
I still had enough hot coals to throw another log into my wood stove. 🔥 🤗
Once or twice a month it seems to happen.
I probably had a nocturnal seizure last Monday. I was tired most of the week getting better each day. Friday & Saturday I was good. Today no nap and best I’ve felt all week. Not too high or too low. Now here I am bumping the midnight club again. 🙁
we got any vampires up and floating around still? I am up binge watching westworld episodes and talking to people about selling motorcycle helmet bags. I have decided i want a paper map from every state, and all the dr pepper variants I can find and try, and to put on a shelf..
I am up because of my new Hearing Dog (the changed icon). He's an 80 lb Black-Mouthed Cur. Not a common breed for my area, so I'm sure that the locals think he's a Pit mix of some kind. He's a big wad of highly intelligent muscle, 3 yr old puppy-minded dweeb who knocks me down roughly once weekly without meaning to. Yesterday, late evening, I was cleaning the mud off of his feet after his run-about in the backyard, and he shifted, I went down from a squat to the concrete of our patio.
Could only get about four hour's sleep since my entire left side (and some of my right) is nothing but pain so I just gave in, and got up. Binge-watching animated Batman movies out in my workshop so as not to disturb the Wife.
I saw the two Westworld movies just last week, or at least fairly lately, but didn't know that there is a series. What service provides it, and is it any good? Well I guess it must be if you're spending time watching it, I just mean to ask how do you like them? I had seen the two movies when they came out but I was a young adult and didn't really remember very much about them. Fun seeing Mr. Brenner; had almost forgotten he existed. Can't blame me for that though. Concussions and etc., right? :)
The new series is pretty good, they did probably the most important thing they could do and get mr brenner back, i use a site called but i dont recomend it with out a good pop up blocker. or try stremio if you can download stuff.
dont really think i could ever be a dog parent, it seems just like kids without the chatter. i live with two because of other people. but you have my respect for wanting to take care of one. and animated batman is always awesome
I don't know why I wasn't notified of this response, but I wasn't.
Didn't sleep at all overnight, have been up waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. It has finally started to take the edge off now that I've waited the allotted time and taken another dose.
I like owning Dogs, fun to have someone to boss around since the Wife can kick my ass. :) Seriously, he's a Working Dog. He listens for me. If I went anywhere on foot for example, he'll listen FOR me and alert me at intersections and if someone is sneaking up on us, all manner of things that I might not notice by myself, and even timers and the dryer buzzer. YOU know, Hearing Dog stuff. :)

Plus he's NOT friendly so he's great for defense since I'm becoming so damned frail so quickly.
It's why I let him knock me down last evening. I have to learn to sit on the concrete when wiping his paws after a good run when it's been raining, instead of squatting off balance like a moron. He's strong like a -well, like a Moose. That's why I named him Moose.

Just yesterday, we had a delivery and he alerted me to the doorbell. When I opened the main door, he flew at the Storm Door, snarling with his ears back. Made that guy nearly jump off of the porch. Glad it's an actual Storm Door or he might be able to break it eventually.
Thing is, I can "SIT" him, and he stays where I park him, no matter what, until I release him with an "Okay". He's VERY well-trained for his job. So I SAT him, opened the storm door, signed for the package from the quivering deliveryman with my apologies, and Moose stayed right there within leaping range but did NOT budge an inch. When I open the door to go to the backyard for 'walkies' I make him sit so that he doesn't just charge out the door, taking me with him, lol. Once I'm safely out of the way, I release him. Like that, you know?

When I start taking him to the Dr appts, I'll have to have a harness and vest with "DO NOT PET ME, I AM WORKING" for him, along with a cage-muzzle, but I don't mind. I don't want to be responsible for his biting anyone, and it's the LAW, and besides: He weighs enough to hold someone mean down, while I stab the guy to death, haha. JOKING. Probably.

I'm not familiar with those particular streaming services with surprises me since I thought we had prescribed to all of them. I wager I can find the Westworld series though. Thanks for letting me in on that.
yeah, actual working dogs are always interesting,. i used to live with a great dane that could tell when i was about to have a seizure and tell me and sit next to me until i woke up, as nice as it was, and as awesome as yours sounds, plus it takes that bond, and i think an ability to bond. i hate to be honest. i lack that.

I will be up pretty late, because i slept to much today. I felt like i was going to seize, i just started weaning my tegratol down
My last Dog was a Hearing Dog, who adapted a LITTLE bit to a Seizure Dog. He was a black Standard Poodle. Whenever I came to, he'd always be sitting or laying right there in front of my face, and he'd have my glasses in his mouth, holding them gently like an egg with the lenses facing me like he'd tried them on or something. Moose hasn't really understood the seizure thing though. He's only witnessed one so far and I came to with him licking my face madly. Once I was able to talk, I told him in a flat tone: "Oh, good Dog, thanks, that's disgusting, thanks."

I tend to nap in the middle of the day as well, since the neuros changed my Vimpat to three times daily. It's that noon dose that does me in. I hope to grow accustomed to that. Slept very well last night since we had deliveries yesterday and I had to force myself to stay awake for them. Even went to bed early. Got up on time though (5ish am) so that I could feed Moose before the Wife gets up at six and dekennels her little Dogs so that they have to do THEIR routine so that she gets to work on time.

She's a Pug collector (rolling my eyes) but she Shows them and it's her love in life, even though Showing Dogs doesn't get you any money, having International Champion Dogs means that you can loan them out to Breeders and they'll pay (a very small amount, people think Breeding Dogs earns just tons of money but it really doesn't).
She currently has four of them, three are International Champions. One is retired, and another is too young as of yet, she just got her a few weeks ago. Plans to get another in December. SIGH. I call them "The Rodents".
Rat dogs fun. I am up a two tonight buying the stuff my insurance covers and paying bills. I think the closest to real adulting I actually get.
watching tv and staring at motorcycle parts, seems like a productive night
Anyone else up? Can't sleep tonight; got up and I'm in the workshop with Moose, streaming Hulu
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