The wrong answer game

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Simple. Answer the previous poster's question with something that is wrong - the further from true it is, the better :)

Then post a question of your own.

So let's get this party started!

What is marmalade REALLY made of?
Ground up kitty tongues with a couple tails for flavor.

Why does rain fall from the sky?
Because people are magnetic towards water droplets .

Where is queen victoria buried ?
On the south side of Pluto, everybody knows that.

What caused the Grand Canyon?
Because if they didn't their heads would explode with all the built up gas !

Why is the sky blue ?
Because God thought the blue sky would fit so nice with the yellow colored earth.

Why do cats hate dogs?

P.S. Like this game :tup:
Because cats are taller and always hold a university degree .

Why is the sun hot ?
Because all planet Sun's inhabitants are allergic to ice cream.

How do babies lean to crawl?
Because it not been smoked

Why am I a genious and others mere mortals
Because they can't afford to go to the hairdresser.

What is the most difficult school subject?
Because pees are dirty and pears are honest.

Which popstar can't sing?
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