[News] UK - Animated Olympic Logo Triggers Seizures

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UK - Animated Olympic Logo Triggers Seizures

This is for our members in the UK. The animated (moving) Olympic logo was causing seizures in some. It was used on the official Olympics website, but from what I read I think it branched out onto TV via ads and promotion campaigns. The non-animated logo seems to have no problems.

I don't know if the animated logo was ever used in other countries.

According to the article, the animated Olympic logo is no longer being used on the official Olympic website. In reading the article I'm not clear on whether the animated logo has been completely removed from TV, or the rest of the internet. In case you are photosensitive and have some TV DVR'd I thought I'd pass this along.

From the BBC:


(posted per request of Endless)
Yeah I saw this in Canada, and it was really crazy with the rapid changing colours. So they pulled it last year, or the year before
i watched it there i dont really c anything in it that would effect ...... tho it was very colourful
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