1. N

    Incredibles 2 movie may trigger seizures

    If you are photosensitive you may want to give "Incredibles 2" a miss, or at least watch with caution.
  2. WendyCS

    Abnormal EEG w/ strobe lights

    Hello, I am new to this forum. My son who is 11 had his first seizure 2 weeks ago. We went in for an EEG and all activity was normal except when the strobe light test was done. The tech said he had several abnormal spikes and seizure activity. He said he feels my son had a partial seizure...
  3. W

    Weird reactions to strobe lights, am I having partial seizures?

    Hey everyone, I just came across this forum and joined because so far my google search of my issue hasn't come up with much information. So here's my problem: I never had a seizure in my life, despite growing up experiencing strobe lights at the occasional birthday party and such. Now I'm 25...
  4. N

    [News] UK - Animated Olympic Logo Triggers Seizures

    UK - Animated Olympic Logo Triggers Seizures This is for our members in the UK. The animated (moving) Olympic logo was causing seizures in some. It was used on the official Olympics website, but from what I read I think it branched out onto TV via ads and promotion campaigns. The non-animated...
  5. E

    LED lighting and Epilepsy

    I don't have epilepsy. I'm a lighting engineer and am interested in the effect of LED lighting on people who have epilepsy. I had not heard this was a problem until I spoke to a man yesterday whose wife is dramatically effected by both LED lighting and modern fluorescent lighting. I would like...
  6. BlueSkies2220

    Neon lighting in Dark Rooms

    Ok - many of us know what our triggers are - I think that I am somewhat photosensitive. For instance, I have had partials while working on the computer - and while in the grocery store, and while at work, where I was surrounded by neon lighting in a dark environment for 8hrs a day. I've even...
  7. D

    Buying a TV with Epilepsy

    Hey all, I have an old CRT TV that has finally imploded, so I am looking at buying a new LCD, LED, or Plasma HDTV. I've read that LCD and Plasmas are actually better for epilepsy sufferers than conventional TVs due to an increased Hertz rate. Does anyone have any specific recommendations on...
  8. sah313


    Im after a bit of information if anyone can help? Im not sure if this is a silly question but had a seizure during my EEG and I was wondering if that made me photosensitive? In Wales (United Kingdom) your only allowed 1 appointment with the neurologist and any appointments needed after then you...
  9. T

    compact fluorescent bulb question

    I know that fluorescent bulbs can trigger seizures (I have been in stores when this has happened to me.) I have them installed in my home. (I am photo sensitive). I have kind of been noticing that when I turn off the light in my bedroom the bulb kind of look like they are flickering or have a...
  10. S

    Photosensitive Epilepsy Treatment?

    Hey there, I was wondering how the drugs for people with photosensitive epileosy work, i understand that the intention of the epilepsy drugs is to reduce seizures, however if thats the case, how do the photosensitive epilepsy drugs work, do they prevent you from having seizures around flashing...
  11. JRuner

    Three D movies safe?

    Are 3 D movies safe with Epilepsy? And if not are they safe to watch without the glasses? My kids want to see one that is in theateres and I am not sure about it. My seizures are not showing up on EeG so i don'd know their exact origin the supected to be deep in my left temporal lobe and aslo...
  12. occb

    [News] Samsung warns 3D TV can cause seizures, stroke

    Source: I think most of us were pretty aware that 3D TV could cause seizures, but I'm surprised at the stroke warning. This is the first I've heard that an actual manufacturer is warning consumers about it.
  13. occb

    visual stuff

    nightfighter's a slow typer, so I'm asking another question on his behalf -- he gets visual auras (blurry vision, kaleidascopic colours) and he's noticed they only happen in his right eye. Does anyone else get stuff like this only on one side?
  14. Birdbomb

    [Info] Intuitive Colorimeter

    The boy whose blue-tinted glasses have allowed him to read properly for the first time Click me ----> Source Google is your friend --->MORE!
  15. B


    Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything similar to this and if it sounds like a photosensitive seizure? I am very afraid of this happening again because it was so serious. I believe I have photosensitive seizures. I am awaiting an insurance change to have an EEG because of a...
  16. dfwtexas

    A question for those who are photosensitive

    I have several photosensitive issues that have gotten worse since my diagnosis. I went to a movie with my son not knowing it could trigger a did! The movie was the last I know that was a bad choice with all the effects, flashing, ect. I haven't been to the movies since...
  17. P

    [Research] Is Epilepsy Inherited?

    Just because you have a parent, sibling, cousin or aunt who has epilepsy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have it also. In fact, if you have a close relative with epilepsy, the chance of you having epilepsy is only about 2-8%, depending on the specific type of epilepsy. The risk in the general...
  18. Crazy Monkey

    My Photosensitivity is useful if people listened

    I always knew that I was photosensitive but I never knew to what extent. Recently we have been undergoing office refurbishment and one of the areas that has been changed is the lights, we now have 160 fluorescent tubes in our office, which is about 80ft long, by mid afternoon when my morning...
  19. adddxat48

    newbie, daughter w/visual reflex seizures

    :soap: Thought I'd say hello. My daughter is 16, has had complex partial seizures for years. We don't know exactly when they started because we didn't know they were happening! (She now thinks it when she was 8, now that she can put words to odd experiences she was having.) She had a couple...
  20. H

    Am I photosensitive?

    Hello guys. Lately i use the computer a lot for work and entertainment. The past 3 - 4 days i feel a bit strange... My head gets dizzy sometimes and I have some muscle twitches. I don't really think I had a seizure for now. Basically these happens when I am at the computer. I know I should see...
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