Weird reactions to strobe lights, am I having partial seizures?

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Hey everyone, I just came across this forum and joined because so far my google search of my issue hasn't come up with much information. So here's my problem:

I never had a seizure in my life, despite growing up experiencing strobe lights at the occasional birthday party and such. Now I'm 25, and I've gotten into the raving scene over the last year or two--I go to a lot of dance clubs and concerts where electronic music, light shows and strobes are a big part of the scene. About 8 months ago during one such show, all of a sudden during a strobe pattern I lost control over my body for about 5-7 seconds and my arms started doing funky things, and I'd be incapable of moving or talking during that 5-7 second period. However, I was completely conscious and aware this was occurring while it happened. The best way I can describe the sensation is sort of like short 5 second shock waves going through my body, making me lose control. This repeated throughout the night, every time during strobe patterns.

Since then, this is something that happens to me nearly every single time I'm at a show with strobe lights--these short 5-secondish shock wave things where I sort of tremble and jerk (but don't fall down or lose consciousness) and then I have to cover my eyes for it to stop so I can exit the show and calm down. Also, I should mention that once it happens--even if its just one 5-second occurrence during a show--my body is permanently done for the rest of the night, I can no longer dance after. After it happens once, it makes me completely lose my sense of rhythm after it's over, and my body becomes tense and rigid like a clumsy board for the whole rest of the night. It's like my motor control becomes all screwed up afterwards.

Are these some type of seizure? Is this something serious that I need to see a doctor for? Are there medications that will help this? Because I've kind of been ignoring it ever since it happened 8 months ago (haven't been to a doctor for it or told my family, figured everyone would freak out and I'd have to go through a bajillion neurological tests, meanwhile it's not that serious), but now it's starting to affect my desire to go to shows and concerts because I'm so scared of it happening. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Not sure if I'm just having weird brain reactions, or if these are actually a type of seizure/epilepsy... Not sure what to do, if anything.

ANY help is appreciated!
Hi whistlewolf, welcome to CWE!

What you describe could be a kind of seizure called a myoclonic seizure, perhaps triggered by the strobes, the music perhaps in combination with other factors like being dehydrated or fatigued.

If you feel that as long as you avoid strobes and clubs that you are fine, then I recommend that you do just that. And do your best to be proactive about your overall health. Avoid stimulants like caffeine and ephedra, food additives like MSG and aspartame, make sure you are eating well-rounded meals and getting plenty of sleep. However, if the episodes continue to occur and are increasing in frequency, intensity, or duration, then you should check in with a doctor. You don't want the brain to "get used to" the abnormal pattern that may be developing.

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