Photosensitive Epilepsy Treatment?

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Hey there,
I was wondering how the drugs for people with photosensitive epileosy work, i understand that the intention of the epilepsy drugs is to reduce seizures, however if thats the case, how do the photosensitive epilepsy drugs work, do they prevent you from having seizures around flashing lights, or the things that trigger your seizures?
If i was on medication for photosensitive epilepsy, ould that mean that i could be round strobe lights, becuase the medication prevents my seizures from happening?

Thanks in advance

I'm curious. What particular med are you talking about? As far as I know, when the neuros work with you to prescribe the AEDs, 1) it's an individual thing, 2) there's not one particular drug to get rid of one type of E (wouldn't it be nice tho), 3) and has your neuro suggested you doing anything else to eliminate photosensitivity such as glasses with lenses that are blue to help cut down the problem, etc?

Finally--there are no guarantees that you could be around strobe lights. I would personally say no. I know of one person who is on meds for E, has multiple types of E, including PSE, and still trips on a regular basis, no matter what they do.

Wish I could give you a better answer than that. :paperbag:
thanks for your answers first off.
Basically im after some information about the treatment for photosensitive epilepsy, and what it does, something called valproic acid is normally proscribed i think, however i was wondering wht it actually does. It says it works well, however i dont see how it works well, becuase within PSE your seizures are just triggered by light patterns, and if the valproic acid, doesnt stop then from happening around the light source you would normally have a seizure, then what does it do?
I think I understand what your asking. Well ALL seizure meds, not just valproic acid, are used to help stop abnormal electrical or chemical impulses in the brain which cause a seizure. They don't work for everyone and I myself cannot take valproic acid. So they don't technically stop you from reacting to light, they stop your brain from freaking out over it. Or at lease they try.
Photosensitivity is a abnormal neuronal firing, just like any other type of seizure. At least in some cases it can be controlled by anti-epileptic drugs, which work to either prevent the firing to occur in the first place, or by preventing the firing from spreading, in both cases by affecting the flow of neurotransmitters.

But since AEDs don't work for everyone, or can have problematic side effects, it's good to try and avoid the triggers in the first place. Meetz mentioned special lenses -- here's one site that offers them:
valproic acid / depakote / depakene / epilim / etc. is not specific to photosensitive epilepsy. No AEDs are specific to photosensitivity as far as I know.
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